Garmin Forerunner 10 watch band could be designed better!

Tuesday, As per usual now, split workout into morning and lunch. Body is used to doing something regularly! 6:30 pm run with wild man Brent Wallace thru town and campus. Only 5 miles, but pretty fast, averaged 6:50ish. Nice.

Wednesday, more of the same. Four mile solo run at 6:30 PM thru campus and research park at 6:39 average pace. Felt good!

Thursday, yep, 500 + pushups for breakfast, other stuff at lunch. Not a ton, just some stuff. Cha. Ran with Brent  at 5:30. Nice easy run, averaged about 6:50. First mile was 7:40, then the next was around 7, then a couple of nice 6:40s, and the last two miles we averaged under 6:10! Actually, the 5th mile was 6:16 and we killed the last mile even hitting parts of it at 5:55 pace. Pretty good for a nice easy run in this crazy humid weather.

Friday, just some easy workout late in the day, no run.

Saturday, well, part of the band came off of my Garmin watch this morn. Dang. Really? You would think an expensive watch like this would not fall apart. No watch today on my long run. Actually, it was kind of nice, like the old days. And, of course now days, almost everyone else has one anyway. But, I felt free without it. Had a good run of 15.2 miles. It was hot, but I had company most of the way with Micah White, Drew Anthony, Jay McCurdy, Brent Wallace (for part of the way), and a new feller, Daniel McKeller or something. He was built more like Micah and I, not like a runner. And, at first, I was like, what is this guy doing up here. He had  black colored long warmup pants on and a black t-shirt. The rest of us were all shirtless and wearing short shorts. I mean, its freakin’ hot and 100% humid in the morn. But, that crazy cat did fine. Apparently, we hit the first water stop, which is about 3.5 miles out, at a 6:40 or better pace. Daniel did not stop for water, but kept going. That, to me, was crazy, because, hey, its fucking hot! Even if you can do it, I think it strains the body too much. If there is some water along the way, I am getting some! Also, that crazy joker did not know the route and ended up at WalMart on the other side of town later! His bud had to go get that trippy dude! Probably ran 20 miles with no water. Anyway, I got water at every stop and still was 6-7 pounds lighter when I finished! Awesome run though. And thanks to Drew and the others for keeping me going.

After hitting Lowes for some stuff, I went home and did pushups and other things. Yep. Outside. Hot. Kind of hard because I had not eaten since 5 AM and that was just a breakfast bar and a banana!

Sunday, Workout here and there in the morn. Then a 6 mile run with Brent in town at 6 PM. Ravinder Singh joined us for part of the run. Cool. Had not run with that mug in a while. Anywhoo, took it easy today with a 7:10 average pace with the first part slower and the last couple of miles faster. Not bad. Fixed my Garmin watchband with a paper clip. Much better design than the simple pin they use. I looped it through the holes, then tied it off with needle-nosed pliers. Does not look as elegant, but it should stay on there. Geez guys. Hire an engineer or something. Find McGyver and hire that guy.

Monday, Morning workout. Stuff. Lunch time, 8 X 400m plus 1 X 800m on my trail. 50 pushups between each set of 400s and 100 pushups after the 800. 400s were 1:24-1:28 and 800 was 3:02. Hot! With the pushups thrown in, this was a pretty decent workout.

Tuesday, woke up, did 600 pushups and some ab stuff. Work. Whohoo! Some ab stuff at lunch. Then a close to  6 mile run at 5:30 pm with Brent Wallace. We did alright today averaging 6:35 per mile.

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Crotchety Old Man Becomes Self Appointed Gate Keeper to Local Park

Tuesday, Morning! Yep, Pushups, pullups, abs, curls, typical morning wakeup drill! Then an awesome peach, banana, strawberrry, vanilla yogurt, and chocolate protein smoothie! Tasty.

Lunch, grilled salmon, also grilled tomato slices with sharp provolone cheese, had an awesome salad. Washed it down with a Samuel Smith Oatmeal stout. While grilling, I did about 7 sets of nice elevated pushups, some crazy pullups where I used only one arm as I near the top, some side shrugs, some curls, and shoulder presses.

At 5 pm I got in a solo run thru town and campus of about 5.5 miles at a 7:14 pace. Not bad. Did not push. Maybe it was slightly cooler than usual at 5pm, because my shorts were only partially sweaty.

Wednesday, Morn! Workout. Stretched out too long. And art. I could not go to work, so I took some leave and skipped the work day. Worked out in between things all morn. Crazy, I know. It works. My abs are starting to pop out. I think they may be better than at any point in my life now. What? Trippy.

Ran at 3:30 PM. Parked at McKee Park, then down sidewalk to Longmeadow Neighborhood. They had recently laid down some fresh concrete for the sidewalk leading to the neighborhood, but it was dry, so I ran across it. But, the gate was closed. So, I opened it. At which point the crazy assed dude who lives right there (Steve Swisher) started yelling at me to get off the wet concrete. I was like, dude, its dry. And, hey, mind your business. He was like, “they don’t want anyone on it for a day or so.” I said, “maybe they should have a sign up or have it roped off then.” Then I opened the gate and started my run. He was not happy. Freakin’ gate nazi. It has gotten to the point where that dude routinely shuts the gate, which is normally left open and then locked at 9 pm when the park closes. I have done workouts starting at the park with others where we may pass thru the gate back and forth to the neighborhood several times, and yes, that goober headed fool will go over and shut the gate each time we go thru. Annoying codger punk. Well, I got my run in, 1.5 mile warmup, then 3 miles at 6:18 pace then a cool down, then back to gated fence to get to my truck. Yep, that slap-headed punk was over there and ready. As soon as I showed up, he said, “the park man come over and locked the gate.” I said, “huh, thats mighty coincidental.” He said, “I didn’t tell him, I don’t even know his number. But he knew you had walked on that concrete.” I said, “I wonder how he knew that.”  He said, “he could see your footprints.” Interesting, considering it was dry, but hey? Who am I to questin the wisdom of the gnarly gatekeeper to McKee Park. He was happy as a friggin clam. Well, you know, 8 ft tall fence, suddenly locked, my truck about 100 m away, the alternate route several miles away down a busy highway and super busy road with no sidewalks. So, I just put my foot on the latch and popped myself up and over. Imagine that? Huh. He was stupified. Punk. Mysteriously, not long after, the park man showed back up and walked over to the gate. Another coincidence I guess. Funny.

Thursday, Workout in morn! Yep. Awesome. Ran later at 4 PM with Brent Wallace. Basically, a six mile loop thru town. Averaged 6:56 per mile. Today felt like the hottest day so far this year. Really crazy hot. Made it though!

Friday, As per usual, got my morning pushups in, pullups, abs, etc. Even on the worst day I would say I do at least 500 pushups and 80-100 pullups. Cool. No run today. Worked in the yard during the afternoon. Got purty warmish!

Saturday, Barely got up, but did, then headed to the Boardtown Running Club for a run. Super hot and humid. A storm on the way. Yay. We need some rain. The route was 10.7 miles today and I average 6:56 per mile. I did it wrong though, as the first half was faster than the second. I ran with Houston Franks early, and his easy pace is my fast pace! Man, I was sweating like crazy! Got home, worked out some, then headed to West Point, MS for the Prairie Arts Festival.

Later, at 6 PM, I did some more pushups and stuff. I like to tucker myself out on Saturdays. Don’t know why.

getting there!

getting there!

Sunday, Morning easy run in Sessums, then worked in the yard all day with some intermittent pushups and stuff. Burned a bunch old branches and other accumulated debris from the last few months. Always something with a house and 17 plus acres.

Monday, Started this holiday off with a nice ab/pushup/pullup oriented workout fueled by the Violent Femmes and Cage the Elephant! At about 3:30 pm, I did 10 400m intervals on my trail with 30-40 pushups in between each 400 as my rest. It was hot, and whew! I again kept them relatively slow, going for a certain pace, with all of them between 1:28 and 1:29. Worked out some more after to finish off the deal!

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Thanks to Old Venice Pizza in Starkville for providing water in the summer!!!

Tuesday, Morning 400s on my trail. Only did 8, and for the rest between each one I did 30-50 pushups. Nothing crazy fast, 1:22-1:30. Later, I got in a good workout at lunch, basic routine plus random flies and stuff. I need to be careful with some of those weird shoulder dumbbell flies, I may have strained some muscles doing one on those crazy weird exercises. Not too bad though.

Wednesday, worked out in morn, some abs, pushups, pullups, curls, and what have you. A few more things at lunch. Then, a 6:30 PM run with Joseph and Brent. HOT! We are in the midst of a heat wave so they say. But, whatever. Joseph had already run 6 plus miles at 10 AM. Then, we did our 6 mile route thru town. We met Ian Prester at the mile mark and he joined us for maybe 1.2 miles or so. We started out slow as we normally do to warm up. Warm up. Ha! It was pretty warm. But, for sure when it is this hot out, its good to start out slow and not push the pace. Our first mile was 7:25, then second mile (with Ian) was about the same, then the rest were all under 7 minute pace ranging from 6:54-6:40 (last mile). This was Joseph’s last run with us as he will be running on his own tomorrow and moving to Savannah Friday morn. I should mention that during our runs thru town, we often stop briefly at Old Venice Pizza for a water break. This restaurant actually puts two water coolers with cups out on the sidewalk every day for walkers and runners or whoever to quench their thirst! Starkville is a strange place, and basically we have no fountains anywhere other than at McKee Park. Thanks to Old Venice for being so freakin’ awesome! They are the only business I know that does this!

Thursday,  I did a little easy 4 mile run out in Sessums about 6:30 AM. Already warm, but not bad. The one Sessum’s dog that does not seem to like me, or maybe she is just playing a game with me, came barreling toward in her attempt to take me down from the side. I was ready though! As she came running full force (this is a young labrador retriever looking dog) at me growling intently, I stopped and scooped up some loose gravel, which I tossed at her while using a few choice words. The owner was drinking coffee on her porch and she also yelled at the dog. Anyway, I escaped without injury. When I got done, my giant friendly dog bud came by to visit. Wow. Two dogs. One awesome, one a punk. Finished up, stretched, and went home for a few abs deals and slow pushups.

At 11:30 AM, I got into another run. This one thru town, maybe 4.5 miles or so. pretty warm, about 100°F plus humidity, but I felt ok most of the way. Averaged 7:16 per mile. Went home and did some ab stuff, a few more pushups, a few light curls, and a couple of other minor things before calling it quits. Definitely feeling in better shape the last few weeks. Running easier, maintaining a weight of 163-167 lbs, eating better, and sleeping better. This is obvious in how I look physically now too. I am pretty happy to still physically look like I did 30 year ago!

50 year old punk!

50 year old punk!

Friday, Not much exercise today, just a minor workout in the AM. No run. Joseph headed to Savannah today, so I will be on my own for a while.

Saturday, Boardtown run. First one without the kid in a while. I started out in the front of the horde of runners with Houston Franks, Micah White, Brent Wallace, Will Kallfelz, and Drew Boyles on this relatively hot morn. After about a mile, Houston and Micah picked it up and I was content to run low 7’s with the other three posers. Stayed with them until about 5.7 miles at which point Brent turned left, opting for the 11.8 mile route. The rest of us headed straight for a 14.7 mile loop with lots of gravel and lots of hills! At around 8 miles, Will decided to slow down, so it was Drew and I for the rest of the way running together. We actually picked up the pace some and finished strong on the last mile or so. We averaged about 7:08 per mile. Not bad for basically 15 miles in August in Mississippi.

Was going to workout when I got home (after hitting the farmers market and store), but ended up changing the blades on my riding mower (no easy task!) and doing some mowing midday. Hot!

Sunday, Started the day with an easy run thru town and campus. Super humid early! Lots of folks running and walking. Coolness. Got home and did a quick workout. Then, headed to Choctaw Lake with Audrey and her trippy kids for some Lake time fun. Swimming, shooting each other with squirt guns. Stuff.


playing with trucks in the sand

playing with trucks in the sand

Left there and Audrey asked me if I wanted to ride horses with her on some trails. I have never actually sat on a horse, pony, or other living creature. Anywho, she has a nice, beginning to become calm Arabian and a close to horse size pony that we bought for her kids a couple years back. Since I am a complete novice, she suggested the pony as a nice start for me. That pony, Belle, is about as sweet and gentle as could be and we get along fine. We rode around for a bit in the muggy afternoon heat, which was at least minimized when we got to the wooded trails. Other than the fact that the endurance saddle she set me up with was a bit small, the entire outing was super awesome. Having never been on a horse or anything made this feel like a special occasion. Of course, to be fair, we were moving very slowly! I am sure Audrey was bored to tears. I tried trotting briefly, which was interesting, and not unpleasant. Anyway, very cool. Did fall off or anything.

After the equine excitement, I went home and did some semi serious cleaning. Crazy. Mopping, dusting, scrubbing, etc. Of course, I super-setted this with a nice workout of pushups, pullups, abs, curls, shoulder stuff, etc. A weird but effective way to workout. Basically, I was cleaning and working out for about 3 hours. When thru 4 CD’s. At some point, I needed food, as I had not eaten much today. Basically, some fruit and organic trail mix bars here and there. Supper was awesome though – leftover grilled steak, a big salad, and farm fresh milk!

Monday, Morning workout for about 45 minutes while putting away clothes. Nice breakfast followed with eggs from my bud Gentry’s chickens, sausage, banana and milk from the Miller’s cow Rosy. Seriously! Cool.

Got in a nice 5.8 run at 6:30 with Commander Salamander Brent Wallace. It seemed slightly cooler, only about 90°F, which made the run much easier today. We started out slowish with a 7:25 first mile, then were sub 7 the rest of the way averaging 6:44 per mile for the entire route! Nice.

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2000 pushups in workout! What, yep.

Monday, Got in a super awesome morning workout. Felt like I did something. Still doing basic things, but adding in some slightly different variations for abs, obliques, and serratus muscle groups. Plenty of pushups, pullups, curls, shoulder presses, various flies, dips and all that. Swinging 45 lb plate around in trippy ways, obiques hangs, windshield wipers (look them up, awesome), shrugs, light punches (martial arts style) with dumbbells, etc. Whoo!

Ran at lunch today. Joseph joined me. Light week for him with only 55 miles, so he was only doing one run today anyway. He got in 70 last week no problem. It was not bad out today, cloudy. I did a few miles at a 7 minute mile pace.

Tuesday, Up early for another bout of pushups and stuff. Turned on some Blur to energize me. 600 pushups, some ab stuff, some pullups, and a few other things. Not as hard as yesterday, but a good start to the day.

Brent Wallace just go back in town from his month long class in England. So, that mug wanted a run. We met at 11 AM for a 5.3 mile run thru town. Not too hot, but not cold! First mile was 7:23 then the rest were slightly under 7 minutes with the 5th being  a speedy 6:15. Very nice. We averaged 6:52 per mile during a midday run! How cool is that. Followed up the run with a pretty healthy lunch of tostados with refried black beans, cheese, and a salsa made from locally grown tomatoes and habenero peppers; a banana; and a nice big glass of milk!

At 6 pm I added a few more pushups, pullups, and crunchy things to the total for the day. Phew! Then some grub! Not super hungry as I had quite a bit at lunch, so ate some yogurt, a peach, a cliff bar, and banana. Then headed over to some friends to watch the Perseid meteor shower. We only saw a few as it turned out due to the combination of early cloud cover and the gradually rising moon. It was nice out though and a very enjoyable evening. One woman brought some homemade mango bread and some type of banana chocolate chip bread, both of which I sampled and both of which were quite tasty!

Wednesday, I did a solo morning run of about 5 miles out near my house in the country.  Easy, super easy (that means super slow). A weak cold front moved thru the area yesterday afternoon making this morning very pleasant! Still humid though, of course. And, the neighborhood dogs were all there to great me when I finished. Got thru and did 500+ pushups, a bunch of pullups, and some ab stuff.

Lunch time, quick workout first. Added some more pushups, curls, abs, pullups, and stuff, yep! Later at 6 PM, I ran 3.3 miles thru town at a 6:39 average pace. Temps were nice, so that made it easier than normal.

Thursday, After a couple of workouts in the morn and at lunch (basically a workout split into two parts to fit into my schedule), I then got in a run with Brent, Will, Ian Prester, and Mitchell Henry. Brent’s second run back with us since his trip to England. Had not run with Ian in a while either, as he has been doing intern type work this summer. But, it sure was nice to have that happy joker back with with us! This was Mitchell’s first time to join us. Another crazy joker for sure, a fact that is not surprising as he is Ian’s cousin. Both of them are mechanical engineering students here at MSU. Anyway, it was a nice warm afternoon as we got going thru the MSU campus. Mitchell and Ian dropped off at about a mile, after which point we picked up the pace a bit. We hit the research park loop, then back around campus, up a nice hill, thru the Cotton District, then back thru campus to the South Farm where we started. Will stayed with us for about 4 miles, at which point Brent and I picked it up some more for the last 3 miles. Good run, 7 miles at 6:58 pace, with last two miles 6:40 and 6:30. Nice.






Will and Mitchell

Friday, Not much today in the way of exercise, just a few pushups in the morn (maybe a couple hundred) and a few ab deals.

Saturday, Morning! Got up and woke up the smack headed kid Joseph and we headed to the Boardtown Running Club for a long run. This will be the last one for Joseph for a while as he is leaving for college later in the week. Of course, he will get plenty of long runs in while running XC for SCAD! Man, a ton of folks showed up today! At least a hundred plus. Wow. Today’s loop was good one and one of the tougher ones that starts on South Montgomery and goes down Oktoc Road into the Browning Creek neighborhood with a 12 mile or 15.8 mile option. I did the 12 mile loop with Drew Boyles and managed about a 6:52 mile pace. Not bad. Joseph ran the longer route with Jay McCurdy, and well, I don’t know their pace, but they were way ahead of us!


some folks getting ready to run

At 1:00 pm or so, I decided to get in a decent workout with ab stuff, pullups, and lots of pushups. Lots. The only thing I had eaten up until then was a slice of watermelon and some pineapple, and that was immediately post run. So, I did not have a lot of fuel in me. Even so. Started out with sets of 100 and the first 1000 were not hard really. Rests were not super long, and mostly with ab stuff in between, and a couple of sets of pullups early. Then, we had a family come visit us for a bit, check out the studio and stuff. Pretty cool, but it was in the middle of my workout. So, after they left, I jumped back into it. I did 4 more sets of 100 each, and they were pretty easy too. Then, suddenly they started getting hard and I could only do 50-70 reps. Man! Was still doing crunches between sets.  It seemed easy, then at some sudden point during each set my arms fatigued. It was pretty awesome. Anyway, somehow, I got in some more and ended up with 2001 total pushups for the workout. Nice! Whew.

But, yep, I was getting hungry after that, and a ribeye was calling my name!

Sunday, Some early morning pullups, not many, just to wake up. Then, at noon, I did a decent workout with 125 pullups, a few pushups, some dips, 6 sets of dumbbell curls (40 lbs), 4 sets of dumbbell shoulder presses (40 lbs, 25-30 reps), and various other dumbbell flys and what have you, and some weighted crunches.

At 6 PM, Joseph and I met Brent, Arash Taheri (who has not run with us in a while) and Drew Boyles for our run thru town. John Mooney, Brian Laird, and a friend of theirs also showed up, but they had a slower run planned, so they ran on their own. I ended up with 5.4 miles at 6:59 pace. It was super hot!! Yes. Brent and Joseph did the 6 mile loop at about the same pace. Drew, who had run over from his house to meet us, dropped off mid way and headed home. He probably got in about 6 miles also, as did Arash. Pretty good run all in all for a post long run day.

Monday, Easy morning run with Joseph after a few pushups and crunches to wake me up. Lunchtime, better workout, 500 pushups, 75 pullups, bunch of ab stuff. Added some more at 5 pm. Yep. Good stuff.


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run, swim, kayak, pushups, bike, pushups, stuff….

Monday, Woke up, rolled out of bed, and did 4 sets of 50 pushups and a few crunches. Then I wrangled that wascally kid out of bed and we then ran a few easy miles. He got in 5 and I did 4. Did some more ab stuff when I got home, then headed to work!

Lunch time! Translation, awesome workout time! Another good one. Yippie chippie! Then lunch, also awesome! Salad and a nice juicy cut of t-bone stead. THICK. RARE. YUM.

Later, at 7 pm, ran another few miles with the Joseph Smoseph. Good day.

Tuesday, Six AM, 400 pushups in 4 sets and several sets of ab stuff. Then, on my mountain bike, I paced Joseph during his tempo workout. This was on a paved country road in the Sessums community where we live. He did a 2 mi WA jog, easy, then stretched/loosened up a bit before starting the tempo stuff. Today he did 2 X 10 minutes and 1 X 5 minutes at tempo pace with about 2-3 minute rests, then about a mile jog after. Already semi warm and of course very humid by the time we got started, but he was pretty solid today with the first 10 minutes at 5:34 pace, then next 10 minutes at 5:32 pace, and the final 5 minutes at 5:28 pace. So, that was a good start to the day. One of the neighborhood dogs joined us for the 2 mile WA and the first 10 minute faster section. I guess that was enough, because he did not rejoin us for the rest!

Lunch time! First, did another 600+ pushups to add to the day’s total, plus pullups, lots of ab stuff, some curls, shoulder presses and flies. Nice. Steak fajita nachos for lunch!

Had a solid 7 miler at 6 PM with Will Kallfelz. Pretty hot! Cruised thru town and the Greensboro District. Will had already run 13 miles that morn! Pretty relaxed and easy pace in the mid 7’s, but I did pick it up on the last couple with them being about 7:10 and then 6:43.

Wednesday, Got in a few easy miles (no watch on) this morn at 6 AM. Couple of friendly Sessum’s dogs ran with me much of the way. Later, at lunch, I came home and did 8 X 400m intervals on my trail. WHEW! Super Hot! In between each, I did a set of 30 pushups just because. Not an easy loop at all with the harsh turns, roots, and respectable semi-long hill at the end. Managed to keep them between 1:19 and 1:25 today, with the last one the faster. Really, 7 were right at 1:25 and the last one was 1:19. Man! I was hot. So, I did some more pushups, pullups, a few curls and shoulder presses, and a few ab things out on my deck. I was sweating like  CRAZEEE! That shower after felt soooo nice! Yep.

Joseph also had his own double run today.

Thursday, Morn, got up at 5:30ish and did some stuff! Pullups, pushups, ab crunchy things and oblique things, both with 45 lb weight in hands, some light (30 lb) dumbbell curls. Took about an hour. Nice workout!

Rain coming in. So, got in a run at lunch. Pretty hot. But, heh. Did 5.3 miles at a decent pace. Felt really good. Might be getting in shape or something?? Oh yeah, it was hot! Afterward, as I stretched, I saw a dead Polyphemus moth on the ground. Beautiful moth!

Polyphemus moth

Polyphemus moth

Noon! Hot!

Noon! Hot!

Another run at 6:30 after the storm. Ran with Robert Morgan, Morgan Henry and Juan Villarreal! Good run. First mile was 7:30, then 6:55, 6:55, 6:49, 6:20, and about 6:15 pace for the last. 0.3 miles! Yeah baby! Of course, Joseph was off doing some crazy fartlek that would have made my run look like a walk. Ah well. Good deal.



Friday, No run, but worked out in morn, and another light one before lunch. Lunch! Steak and vegetables! Tasty, tasty.

Saturday, Morning run with the Boardtown group. I stayed up too late, but was still able to run the 11 mile route. Not fast today, but not bad. Just plugged along with Patton Little who is a junior at Starkville High who runs XC and the 800m run in track. He has come a long way from being a slow chubby kid (his description, but basically true). Now he is just over 6 feet tall, pretty dern skinny, and running quite well. He has a lot of drive. I briefly coached his older brother Layton at Starkville Academy a few years back. Layton had a good build and natural talent, but Patton is more driven and is really coming along. We averaged about 7:22 per mile mostly chatting the entire way, but at mile 10 we picked the pace up and ran that last mile at 6:10. Nice.  When we finished up, Joseph was heading back out for another 3 miles. Patton joined him, and, with that additional three miles, they both got in 14 miles total for the morn. Awesome. This was Patton’s longest run ever I believe, and he was super happy to be able to run with Joseph for a while. Joseph is something of a local running hero to the high school kids around here. Speaking of which, Joseph once again had a nice run with Houston Franks and Jay McCurdy  on this super humid morn!

We left there, then hit the farmers market to get some goodies! Then bought some swordfish and salmon at the store and headed home. Both Joseph and I got in an awesome upper body workout when we got home. I did not count how many sets of pushups and pullups and other things I did today, but a lot! Cha ha ta cha.

And lunch! Ah. Grilled fish; purple rice with fresh diced cucumber, bell pepper, and tomato on top; a nice mixed salad; and afterward banana, peach, and strawberry smoothies! Man. SUM goood eatin’.

Sunday, Got up early and we headed to Choctaw Lake on this beautiful overcast morn. Started out with some atrocious swimming! Joseph, who used to be on a swim team (although he has not swam much lately), gave some pointers, some of which may have helped. He also pointed out the obvious fact that my body is probably not meant for swimming with my dense upper shoulder chest area that does not seem to have any propensity for floating. And, of course, he then showed me that he could still do the backstroke and butterfly stroke with no problem. Punk.

After quickly wearing myself out, we jumped in the kayaks and leisurely paddled around the lake. As per usual on these Sunday mornings, we had the place to ourselves once again! Lots of birds flying around including egrets, Canadian geese, and others, and a ton of insect activity on the shoreline flowers.

Joseph in the yellow boat of power

Joseph in the yellow boat of power

Me on the boat! Howdy

Me in my my blue boat! Howdy

Choctaw Lake

Choctaw Lake

shoreline flowers

shoreline flowers

We goobed around for a while on the lake, then ran about 4.5 miles on the mountain bike trail. Legs felt like rubber for a little while, but it got better. By 10:30 am or so, it was starting to get pretty warm and we were getting hungry. Jumped back in the water to cool down, ate some snacks (banana, protein bar, water) then headed on home. Great day at the lake for sure!

When I got home, still had some energy, so I did about 5 sets of pushups (70-80 reps) and about the same with weighted crunches. Yippie! Did not eat lunch ’til 3 PM. Left over steak (just a small bit really) and a bunch of salad.

6 pm run with Joseph, Robert Morgan, Morgan Henry, Drew Boyles, Brian Laird, and John Mooney. Pretty warm and very humid, but still a decent run. Only 5 miles for most of us. John caught us in the middle of his 14 mile run. Despite having run and done lots of other stuff earlier, I still had a decent, jog. I stayed with Joseph today, with Drew and John mostly hanging with us, for about a 7 minute average pace per mile with first mile slower and 5th at 6:30. Drew, who had run over to meet us, dropped off around the four mile mark (5 or 6 for him) and headed home to cook supper and eat. John briefly dropped off to stretch his legs and finished up just a bit behind us. The other mugs dropped off here and there, but showed up not too long after us. Good run! Robert was pretty hyped up and inspired by my recent loss of 20 pounds and getting back into decent shape, so he decided to go add a few miles after and help Mooney finish his run up. Mooney, incidentally, won yet another triathlon yesterday in Jackson, MS and even broke the course record. Apparently, he is the man around this region right now! Congrats Mr. Mooney!

I was still pretty hyped up myself after this pleasant and quite sweaty jaunt thru town, so I did 5 sets of pushups (50-70 reps each) and some hanging oblique raises when we got home! Yeah baby!


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