Frostbite Half Marathon

Well, I registered my son Joseph and myself up for the Frostbite Half Marathon, which will be held this Saturday, 22 January 2011 in Starkville, MS.  Joseph is only 14, so I have been up and down about whether or not he should do it, but after we ran 11.4 miles last Saturday morning in about an hour and seventeen minutes easily, I feel better. Even so, I told him not to race it, but rather, just use it as a training run.  It should be a decent day to run. The race starts at around 1:00 PM and the weather looks like it will be decent, around 45°F with winds about 5 miles an hour from the NNW.  Quite a few of the kids from our cross country team will be running in one capacity or another. Some will do the entire race, and others will do it in two person teams, with each person completing half of the race.

This year’s race should have a large crowd, with 330 people already signed up. The course itself starts in Pheba, MS and ends at the Wellness Center in Starkville, MS.  Runners meet at the Wellness Center around 11:30 AM, then depart on buses  headed for Pheba. Registration closes at midnight Thursday, January 20th, so if you are planning on running, you better get your entry in!  You can register at the Wellness Center, or online.

Joseph running the two mile race at an MAIS in 2010


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