Running 20 Jan, 2011

Did not run a lot yesterday, but I got a nice weight workout at the gym. Did some incline bench press with dumb bells, dumb bell curls, super sets of tricep extensions on bench (black eyes) and curls with curl bar, lateral shoulder flies with dumb bells,  and supersets of pullups, dips, and abs (from hanging position).  Then I jogged 3 miles easy on the indoor track. Lots of people to weave around. I was running about 6:40 per mile, but worked up a sweat because it was warm up there! On the way out, I saw several people I had not seen in a while who run. One guy was in town visiting, he used to run distance for MSU, so that was cool. Also talked about running with two students on the MSU Club Triathlon Team. Until recently, I did not even know we had one of thoses! Very cool. I am not going to run at all today, but will rest my old legs so they hopefully have some energy to run the half marathon tomorrow. My  calves have been slightly sore this week, hopefully that won’t be an issue. My knees feel okay right now, considering the pounding I have given them through the years with lots of running, basketball, and volleyball. I got some good stretching in this morning, so that should help. Then followed that with the breakfast of the champions, chocolate cheerios and cran-pomegranate juice, then a cherry coke to wake me up.


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