I was a slacker today! and, why do I have to pay to park where I work?

Headed over to the Sanderson Center after work about 3:30 PM hoping to get a good weight workout in, but most of the parking lots were already blocked off for people who would be attending the MSU Men’s basketball game this evening. I got tired of circling the one spot that was not yet roped off and just skipped the workout. Although I do understand that people going to the game need a place to park, I find it more than annoying that 3 and 1/2  hours earlier I can’t park at a gym that I pay a fee to use and in parking spaces that I, as an MSU employee, am required to pay. That in itself boggles my mind. The fact that I have to pay to park at the place of my employment will never set right with me. That I have to pay to use the intramural center is further icing on the cake. We live in the fattest place in the universe,  lead the nation in heart and lung disease, have employees who routinely miss large chunks of work due to health related issues, and yet, at a state university nonetheless, we have not figured out that maybe, just maybe, there is a correlation between exercise and general health. You see, I have noticed that people who stay in good shape tend to be more healthy. Additionally, they tend to be more energetic.  In turn, these people tend to miss work on a much less frequent basis. So, you could ask yourself, do large companies who provide free gym memberships to their employees know something that our university doesn’t? Could it be that the relatively small amount of money that a gym membership costs for each employee is actually negligible when compared to the increased productivity of employees who actually come to work regularly? We could make it easier for our employees to exercise for sure. At the very least, it might put less of a strain on our medical system! To add insult to injury, I even know people who work at  non-MSU companies, which provide monthly allowances for gym memberships for their employees, which they use at the Sanderson Center! How weird is that? We, as MSU employees, have to pay to use the gym, but some people who don’t work on our campus get paid to use the gym! Amazing. Truly amazing. Regardless, I pay to use the gym, and pay to park on the campus. But, if there is an athletic event, I would have to pay again to park at the gym that I pay to use in a parking spot that I already paid to park in because an event of which I am not planning on attending hours away from when I actually need to park.  The fact that universities charge people to park for events that they charge them to also attend seems quite excessive, to say the least. Charging the employees twice to park borders on being unethical.  But hey, at least we don’t have to pay for our own insurance. Wait, do we? Essentially, its part of our pay. And just recently, we started having to pay a small amount per pay period for that insurance. So much for that.

But, I have digressed here with this tangential whining! I skipped the weight lifting today and went to the guitar store for a while. Then I headed to the SHS track to see how the workout was going for the team. Coach Barnett had them doing 300m reps in sets of 3 with 100m jogs between each one and 400m jogs between each set, with a mile warm up an at least a mile cool down. The two faster distance guys, Kamau Bostic and Joseph, ran together, and they both did a longer cool down run, and at a faster pace than the others. But these two have been putting in the miles, so they have no problem with the longer cool down. While I was there, I ran a couple miles on the track at about a 6 minute mile pace, but that was about it.  Yep, I was quite the slacker today!


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