Sanderson Center followed by 40 minutes jog

Back to the Sanderson Center today. Much better results than yesterday! I was working on the computer most of the day and got really hyper. Had to lift some weights before I ran. I didn’t do a lot, but did get in some flat bench dumbbell lifts with dumbbell curls in between sets. Curls felt better today, actually curled some 45lb ones pretty easy! Anyway, finished up the weight stuff, and drove over to the high school where I ran with some of the high school kids for about 40 minutes.  We went pretty easy today following their track workout the day before. I didn’t try to keep up with Kamau or Joseph, who went for 60 minutes,  but felt pretty good at the pace with the other guys. Ethan and Nathan, two sophomores, were just as steady as ever. Those guys are in great overall shape too. Nathan can do over 60 pullups in a row and Ethan is always do some crazy workout or another. Alex, a ninth grader, did really well today too, and kept up with us the entire way. A couple of the other distance boys, Grant and Damian, also did fine, but split off and went a different way. After they got done, they all did some 100m strides, which I skipped.

It was a beautiful day to run for sure, upper 50’s. Tomorrow is supposed to be better with temps in the upper 60’s! Going to go for a nice tempo run tomorrow out here in the country.


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