Beautiful day for a tempo run in Starkville, MS

Wow! January 29th and it is 72°F outside. The weather here is always crazy.  Snow one week, and then this. We took advantage of it. Me and the kid just ran a 3.5 mile tempo run out near where we live in the Sessums community just outside of Starkville.  We did a mile warm up and cool down as well. There are a bunch of gravel roads out here, but we try to run on the paved ones. We both felt a little sluggish today, which may have had something to do with the fantastic eggs I made for breakfast. I scrambled up a bunch with salsa, cheddar cheese, and chorizo sausage. I also added some habanero sauce to mine. Coupled that with some mixed strawberries, pears, and cherries. Ate too much, but it was so good. Even so, the run was not terrible. He ran his at a 5:40 per mile pace and I followed up with a 6:06 per mile pace.  It was a little windy today, which made it harder on the way back on this out and back route. I am really lazy now though.  Think I will skip volleyball today and just work on a weird painting I started back a couple of weeks ago.


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