Starkville Striders get Soaked at South Farm

We went for a crazy run this afternoon at the MSU South Farm. It was pouring as we left the house, but the temps were in the upper 50’s, so we figured what the heck. When we arrived at the parking area near the farm where we run, Steve Shaffer was already there! We really did not expect anybody to join us, given the weather, but Steve is an iron man for sure.  A bunch of college girls were also out there practicing ultimate frisbee! They are hard core and don’t let the weather stop them either. As we were stretching, Ethan Musser and his 10 and 11 year old sisters rode up on their bikes! Are you kidding me! These kids are awesome. They rode from their neighborhood in the rain to come run with us! These guys on not even running track, they just come to stay in shape.  The girls only ran for 2o something minutes, as they needed to leave early, and because they are very young. The rest of us ran for an hour. The gravel roads were unbelievable wet, and of course, it rained most of the way, but not too hard. We went at a pace in which we could talk the whole way, so not too hard.  The roads had obviously just been graded, and with the rain, they were soft, gravelly and very wet. Ethan, Joseph, and I were plastered with mud when we finished! However, Steve was barely dirty. Amazing. He has a cool way of running where he glides along without lifting his feet off the ground very much. But, he has such a good stride rate, that he can go pretty fast even so.

Joseph and Ethan - Muddy legs!

Joseph MacGown, Steve Shaffer, and Ethan Musser



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