Monday afternoon exercise soothes the hyper beast

I always find it hard to go back to work on Mondays, not that I don’t like working, but I just like not working better! I get so darn hyper after typing on the computer or looking through the microscope! It probably doesn’t help that I drink a coke with breakfast and munch on candy during the day. People often assume that all of my habits are good, and that my diet is very strict. NOT. I do eat good stuff, but I also eat bad stuff.  I suppose as long as I can exercise, this won’t be a problem. Anyway, on Monday, the kids run on the track, which means I can go to the gym and lift weights.  Had a good workout today. Lots of dumbbells again, some cable tricep pulls, dips, and pull ups.  Talked to a couple guys who are going to do a Warrior Race in Louisiana some time in March. Man, those races look like fun!  I am going to have to do one of those.  I got done lifting around 4:30 and headed to the SHS track to get the kid. They had been doing some 1000m intervals. Joseph said his were between 3:06 and 3:15ish.  While he was doing a cool down run, I ran a couple miles at a 6 minute pace on the track, then did a quarter at 1:10.  Jogged back around and Joseph was back, so we stretched, met a few new kids who came out for track, then headed on home.  Tomorrow could be an adventure, or maybe not. The weather is supposed to be stormy tomorrow afternoon, so we may not be able to get a group run in. We will probably get up early tomorrow morning and try to get a few miles in out here in Sessums.


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