Storms put a Damper on Practice

Rain swept through the region today and along the way the temperature dropped 20°!  This morning it was shorts and tshirt weather, but tomorrow morning is supposed to be in the mid 20’s°.  The rain and threat of serious weather canceled the practice today.  Of course, that meant I was able to get another weight workout at the Sanderson Center. Worked my chest today. Did a bunch of incline dumbbell presses and flies and also some more triceps exercises.  Still had some energy so I went upstairs and jogged 3 miles on the indoor track. I don’t really like running on the indoor track because it is only 200m around with only 3 lanes. It gets warm up there too; I always sweat more up there than I do outside.   And, of course, when the weather is bad, there are a bunch of students running on it. The other runners always motivate me to go a little faster than I mean to. Today was the perfect example. After one mile (not counting a warm up jog), I was cruising along pretty good, right around 6 minutes, and some tall student starting running at a nice pace. Subconsciously, I found myself pacing him, even though I did not know how far he was going. He was going at a nice relaxed steady pace, but I finally caught him after 6 laps or so, then passed him, after which time he slowed down. He ended up doing a mile. However, he kept walking around the track, so I felt that I should maintain my pace. Peer pressure! I had been planning on only going two miles at a very easy pace, just to loosen up after the weights, but ended up doing 3 miles in 17:45.  But boy, I almost wished I hadn’t because I did some weird thing to the inside of my foot/ankle area the day before while running on the SHS track. Somehow I slipped in a wet spot and twisted my foot and ankle pretty nicely! It was feeling better this afternoon, so I took a chance on it, but the tight corners took their toll! Oh well.  I iced it down and have it wrapped up right now. Hopefully, it will be ready to go tomorrow. If not, I may have to rest it for a few days, which would greatly annoy me.  While I was there, and just after doing a warm up jog, I talked to a guy I met the other day named Arash Taheri. He ran track and XC at Ridgeland High School about three years earlier. I never saw him before yesterday, and then I saw him again today. He is still running and trying to improve his time for the 5k to about 15:45.  I was trying to talk him into joining us for some runs here and there. I hope he does, as he could really push us. Coincidentally, when I was leaving, I headed past the climbing wall, and of course, Steve Shaffer was there helping out the climbers as he often does.  He was just getting Arash going and they had just finished talking about our runners and me. So, maybe between the two of us, we can convince him to make it sometimes. Coincidences are cool. Like yesterday, I noticed a local runner named Corey Martin had a birthday on Facebook, and I wished her happy birthday, then a little later that morning I saw her at the drug store. Corey is one of the legendary beast runners around Starkville.  She is a trainer at the wellness center and is amazingly fit. She ran the Frostbite Half Marathon a week and a half ago in 1:34:22 placing 2nd in the 35-39 year old female division.   This mother of 3 young children ran track and played basketball at MSU when she was a student there!


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