Freezing rain cancels practice again, at least for normal people

Another crazy weather day in Starkville with freezing rain coming in this afternoon. The SHS track had to cancel practice again. They were going to run on the track today, so I was not going with them.  And, my ankle is still sore as a mug, so I need to rest it for a few more days anyhow (I hope only a few more days).  Even though it was sleeting and practice was canceled, Joseph decided to go to the track and get his workout in. He said there was some other long haired dude over there running too. Crazy jokers. After a warm up jog, his workout  was a series of pretty fast runs with the same distance jog in between each one.  Today he ran 600m then jogged 600m, then 500m/500m jog, 400m/400m jog, 300m/300m jog, and he finished with 3 X 200m/with 200m jogs between, then did a cool down jog.  He said the track was very slippery and it was not easy to go fast. But, it sounded like he did okay despite the wind, sleet, and icy wet track with his 400m at 1:11 and his 200’s around 32 seconds, and so on. I give him an A for dedication today for sure.  After his cool down jog, he immediately left there for his electric guitar practice.

Did I mention my ankle is still sore!!!  This is the weirdest ankle injury I have ever had, with it being on the inside of the ankle. I have twisted and sprained both ankles tons of times over the years playing basketball, volleyball, running, backyard football, etc., but never the inside of the ankle. Before, I could always put on some tape or a brace and still run. But, boy, this is different. A lot more weight comes down on the inside of the foot I guess, and running will not be an option until it heals. Of course, I am sure I will not let it properly heal before I get back on it, because I hate not being able to run or do something involving jumping. And because I am crazy hyper and have to do stuff. So, it will probably take longer to heal than if I were smarter. If you are reading this, don’t follow my actions! Needless to say, I lifted weights again today. Had a good workout though. Did some dumbbell incline bench press with 90 lb dumbbells. Started with the 70’s to warm up, then did 2 sets of 15 with the 80’s, one set of 12 with 85’s, and one set of 10 with the 90’s. Super-setted with 42.5 lb dumbbell arm curls. Then did some 30 lb dumbbell lateral shoulder raises and some reverse triceps cable pull downs. For some reason, I thought with my sore ankle it would be a good idea to do some hack squats. After all, I had an ankle brace on. So, I put two 45 lb plates on each side and did a set of about 40 reps. It was so easy, I was tempted to put another 4 plates on. Then I walked around a minute and realized it had obviously been a bad idea to even do what I did. I guess that foot actually does support some of that weight. Go figure.  Yes, it felt more sore than before I did the set. Ok, at least I did not do any more. I wanted to get at least some type of  leg workout in, so I did four sets of leg extensions (20-25 reps) on a machine with between 130 and 150 lbs, and 3 sets of standing leg curls. Then I did some preacher bench arm curls on a cool machine with a 45 lb weight that you can put on 3 different settings. Very nice, did 12 reps at each setting with no rest between, then did one more set. Went over and did sets of 15 pull ups with sets of 30-35 dips between each set.

I left the gym and picked the kid up from guitar practice, then stopped by the Chalet to get some art supplies. The owner, Mark Wood, introduced me to his newest employee, Cameron Vincent. I had actually met him before, he played volleyball with us one day. He ran track and XC at Ocean Springs, MS in high school, and then ran for MSU the last four years. He is done now and mostly running for exercise. I asked him if he wanted to run with us sometime, and he sounded interested. I hope he comes out and runs, we can use some more great motivators! Maybe this Sunday.  Today we have freezing rain, but Sunday is supposed to be sunny and in the upper 50’s!


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