Running, lifting, and biking

Still no running for me, ankle is feeling better each day, but no where near ready for running. Joseph is getting his in. I am jealous! He ran 5+ miles yesterday afternoon in the rain, although, I don’t believe it was raining hard when he went.  He also did an upper body workout after he got done.  Today, I made a trip to the Sanderson Center again and lifted weights, also did some ab work. When I go home, I went for a little easy bike ride with Joseph out here in Sessums. As usual, we stuck to paved roads, avoiding the many gravel ones. After doing a 1 mile warm up jog, he ran a 3.5 mile out and back route, then did a cool down jog. It was a bit windy, and somewhat chilly, but the sun finally started peeking through. Because of the chilly day, Joseph wore his running tights, a long sleeved shirt, a winter hat, and running gloves. But after a couple of miles, he took the long sleeved shirt and winter hat off and gave them to me to carry. He was trying to run a good pace today, not super fast, but pretty fast.  Also, since he will be running the 3200m (about 2 miles) in track this season, he wanted to at least do that distance at a decent pace.  He got to the halfway point at 9:02, got to the 2.3 mile point at 12:01, then slowed down a bit to finish at 19:04, which was about 5:26 minutes per mile. Pretty good, if he can improve on that a little, he could have a decent track season.

I will mostly like take my bike tomorrow when we meet at the South Farm at 3 PM. In fact, I will probably not run  next week at all. Hopefully, that will do the trick, and I will be healed up and ready to go!


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