Running, at least somebody is, biking-yes!

I took advantage of Joseph being on the track Monday, and got another good weight workout in. Actually did my last set of flat bench dumbbells with the 95’s and it felt great. Met another cool dude who ran XC in high school. He ran for Brandon High about six years ago. He is about 225 and 6’2″.  Right now he looks more like a line backer! I left the gym feeling pumped and went to the SHS track to get Joseph. It was cold and windy! I think it was blowing between 15 and 20 mph.  Coach Barnett had them doing 400 m repeats with 100m jogs between. Pretty good workout I reckon. Joseph looked pretty good, although it sounded like his splits were not exactly even. Some were pretty fast, 1:06, but he said he had one as slow as 1:20! The last few I saw looked good though, under 1:16. Whatever he was doing, he was way ahead of anybody else. I think all the running we did over the winter is really paying off right now. The short rest phase between the repeats were not bothering him, whereas, the other kids were having to walk or completely stop for a while. He got done with the workout, and did about a 3 mile easy run to cool down in the neighborhood across the road from SHS. Finally got back and stretched, and we headed home.

Tuesday afternoon was much nicer, sunny, about 45°F, and not windy. I met the SHS distance runners at the South Farm, where they ran various distances depending on their fitness level.  Joseph ran 7.2 miles at an easy pace, which for him was about 45 minutes. I did not run again, still resting my ankle, which is feeling better every day. I rode my bike though, and that worked out nicely. I could go between different groups of the runners and keep an eye on them. Today, I also ended up carrying sweatshirts that were shed by some of the kids. It was probably a good thing I was trolling around between them because one of our high school girls  tripped and fell. She does this quite often, but even so, it looked a little painful. She skinned up both knees pretty good on the gravel and twisted her ankle. She had only been a couple of miles or so. It was painful for her to run, so I had her walk back. She took a shortcut, which made the return journey more bearable. Another high school boy has been battling a sore hip since December, so he took a shorter route too and walked the last half mile with her. When everyone got through (except the injured jokers), they did 100m strides, stretched, and eventually went home.

Wednesday, another day, completely different weather! Our practice was canceled today because of snow! Its still snowing out in fact. I got home about 4 and had to do something. So, I biked along with Joseph down the road for about 2.5 miles. Not very far, but with the snow blowing in our faces, it seemed very cold! Actually, I had a pair of thin gloves that did not do the job on the bike. My hands were freezing! We got back to the house and did some pullups, crunches, pushups, and curls.  Still snowing!



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