Snow day – workout at the Research Park

No work, no school, snow day. We had about 5 inches of snow last night and the roads were fairly icy this morning, so it was a day off (mostly). I did actually go in and work about 3 hours.  With the day off, the SHS kids missed another practice. Bummer, they have missed a bunch due to the weather lately.  As it turned out, the roads cleared up nicely by afternoon. Joseph took that opportunity to get a running workout in. We headed to the Research Park on Hwy 82 near the MSU north farm. When we arrived, there were still quite a few people sledding on whatever contrivance they could find down the steep hills in the vicinity. Also saw a couple of mountain bikers coming out of the trails in the nearby woods. However, we decided to stick to the main paved boulevard that encircles the Research Park.  If you run around the outside loop of the Research Park Blvd. it is about one mile.  Joseph started out with a warm up mile, as I accompanied him on my bike. Then he ran it one time pretty fast, about 4:52, then jogged about a half mile. Following that, he did a series of intervals based on time, rather than distance, since we did not know the exact distances. He did a combination of paces of 1:15 and :35, but mostly the latter. I don’t know exactly how many he did, but with the jogs between, it was 3 or 4 laps around, or about 3-4 miles. I lost track of the distance while I was timing him along the way.  He finished up with a mile cool down. His pace seemed to be pretty good, and his form is getting much better as he gets older. He used to lean over a lot, but is running much more erect lately. He was trying to work on moving his arms a little faster to help increase his stride rate.  He was not the only one running, as we saw several college students out there too.  One guy was wearing just shorts and a tshirt! It was not super cold at that, probably about 40°.  It seemed quite incongruous with all the snow still present. Anyway, we wrapped it up, and I took the kid to his guitar lesson.


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