Sunday afternoon run on the South Farm

As per own tradition now, we did a 7 mile run around the MSU South Farm today at 3 pm. The weather was absolutely gorgeous, and the few of us that showed up ran in shorts and tshirts. Our Sunday afternoon crew has dwindled lately for a variety of reasons. One of the regulars, Ethan, has had afternoon choir practices. Some of the junior high kids have had soccer tournaments, and others have different schedules. Today it was only Steve Shaffer, Joseph, Walker Mattox, Julie, and myself. Walker ended up going about 5.5 miles, and I believe Julie did a 5k distance. I was planning on biking, but jogged around a little to test my ankle/foot. I had first taped it up with athletic trainers tape. I jogged about a half mile or so, and it still felt sore, so I went back to my truck to get the bike. I took the tape off and tried it one more time, and it actually felt better without the tape. So, I went ahead a jogged for a while until I met up with Steve and Joseph. I took a short cut to do that and caught up with them after about 2.5 miles. They stopped a minute to wait for me. Then, we all three did the remaining 3.5 miles together. Nobody was in any hurry today, which was good for me, since I was trying to go slow and easy.  I was doing the “Steve Shaffer Shuffle”, taking short steps and not lifting my feet and legs high off the ground. I don’t know if it was a good idea to have run today, since I was still fairly sore, but it was so nice, I could not resist. As it was, I went about 6.5 miles, but not fast. The day before I played some volleyball with some friends at the Sanderson Center. This also was a bad idea! But, I mostly set and dug, and only spiked from the side where I could jump off of only my left leg. Anyway, we will see how I feel tomorrow! It did not feel any worse when I finished than when I started, but that doesn’t always mean a lot.  Tomorrow, I will lift weights again, and the SHS kids will have a track workout. This should be a good one, as we finally have a week of good weather coming up!


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