A Beautiful Day to Run

Monday seemed to fly by, but I did get a really good weight workout in before going to pick up Joseph at the track. When I arrived, there must have been 100 kids out there! It was crazy. A bunch of new people junior high and high school, girls and boys, runners and field event people. I guess this was the first time we had a nice day since track season started, so folks came out in droves.  It was nice to see so many people trying out for track, but it was almost too congested to get a good workout. The newbies need to learn track etiquette! Many of them walked between their shorter intervals, and they did it on the three inside lanes, rather than the outside, and the others trying to run fast were having to weave around them.  Not only was that rude, but it was dangerous. Anyway, Joseph and the other middle distance kids did an 800m workout with 400m jogs between them.  Joseph did 5 X 800’s at about a 2:34 pace per 800. I think the other guys all did 4 X 800’s. After he was done, I jogged with him during his cool down for about 2 miles or so. We crossed the highway and basically did the large loop in the Longmeadow neighborhood.

Today was another beautiful day! We had a nice crowd out at the South Farm this afternoon. Most of the distance runners came out and ran between 5 and 7.5 miles, although a couple with some minor injuries only jogged about 20 minutes. I think only Joseph and Nathan ran the farther distance.  Kamau did not go as far because he said his shins were bothering him. Hopefully, they will be fine, I would hate for him not to have the track season he has been hoping for.  Everybody did six 100m strides when they got done, then stretched. I ran along with some of the others on a 5.5 mile loop. It was nice enough today that I (and many of the boys) did not wear a shirt. Such is life in Mississippi. Five inches or more of snow a few days ago, now shorts and no shirt. I started out with Nathan Gaudin and Kamau, but Kamau left us pretty quick. Joseph took off and by the time we were at about two miles, I couldn’t see him any more. Also around the 2 mile point, we caught all the junior high kids, who had started a few minutes earlier.  Kate Mattox and Alex Ross picked it up with us there and we reeled in Case Kingery.  When we got to about 3.5 miles, Nathan branched off to do the longer route where Joseph had gone, and I ran the remaining two miles with Case, Kate, and Alex. The other guys doing the same distance as us came in a good bit behind us. Case doesn’t even run track, although his 8th grade brother Christian does. Case is a superstar player, and he comes out to run with us a good bit just to stay in shape! He is in awesome shape overall too, so whatever he is doing seems to be working. Alex, a 9th grader, and Kate, a 6th grader, are both really great runners too and had no trouble running along side of us at the pace we were going, which was easy and steady, but not slow either. They did a great job!  Running is a weird thing. Every day is different, and even different parts of a run are different. You can feel terrible for 3 miles, then feel great for two more. Really crazy. Jalen, an 11th grader, commented on this today. He felt sluggish for the first three mile or so, stopped and stretched for a few minutes, then felt great and ran faster and easier the rest of the way.

No serious injuries today. Even Mary Elizabeth (ME) avoided falling down. She pretty much ran by herself today, as she forgot her running shoes, so her mom had to go get them. So, she started a little later. As per usual, she was decked out in the brightest neon colors you can imagine.  She proclaimed that tomorrow would be wacky Wednesday at practice and everyone should dress accordingly with bright garish colors. She is one nutty girl, and she is a great runner (when she is not falling down!).

Tomorrow we will be running at the North Farm at 4 PM. It looks like it will be another great day!


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