Beautiful days continue

Yesterday was another sweet day to run. We all met over at the MSU North Farm to run.  Depending on who it was, they ran betweeen 4 and 6 miles. Afterward, the kids did some strides up the big hill near the Enology Building. Very tough hill. The MSU track team does hill workouts there occasionally.  I ran with Case, Nathan, and Kamau for the most part. Steve was not far behind and did a good job. The other folks might have started a bit fast, but then evened it out.  With the good weather, lots of people were out walking, biking, running, even hammocking! There is a group of MSU students who like to put their hammocks up between some of the trees at the top of the hill there when it is nice out. Fancy hammocks! They can curl up in them and hide even. I guess you could sleep in them.

Today (Thursday), I just lifted weights. Kind of a quick workout, lots of supersets (sets of different things between the other sets). Felt good. Weighed myself and noticed I was 6 lbs heavier than last week! With my ankle being sore and missing a few days of running last week, and with my lifting weights a little more, I guess that was not unexpected. Even though I ran this week, my ankle is still quite sore, and I have been going pretty slow. I should have taken this week off too, but the weather has been way too nice!

I went and picked up Joseph from his guitar lessons. Asked him how his track workout went. He did sets of 300m runs with 100m jogs between each and 400m jogs between sets. He said it went pretty good, but his times were off of his target pace because he had to run on the outside lanes and ended up running more than 300m each time.  The MSU track team was practicing at the track, as they have been doing some days the last few months while their track is being refinished. Unfortunately, we have a ton of kids also on the track trying to get their workouts in. Depending on the day and who is in charge, the MSU team  claims the inside lanes and insists that our runners stay on the outside lanes.  When the MSU head coach is there (which he wasn’t today), he typically asks the SHS coaches where his guys should run, but when he is not there, the underlings are much less amenable and more vociferous in their insisting our kids run on the outside. I understand they don’t want their runners being inadvertently injured, but we also have some good runners.  It surprises me that they can’t run earlier in the day, since college students have more flexible schedules than high school students. But, their track will eventually be finished, and it is important to maintain good relations with the MSU team. They are generally very cooperative. For example, we run on their cross country course in the fall, and will have two track meets at MSU this spring. So, for now, apparently we will be relegated to only running on the outside lanes when they are there. Harder than it sounds when there are about 100 kids there! Unfortunately, this was one of those days, and Joseph did not know if he was doing the 300s on pace. The track itself is not great, nor  is not marked at all, otherwise it might have been easier to figure out where the 300m mark was on an outside lane (actually, the lanes are not even marked).  I suppose, either way, he got his workout in. He ran fast and jogged and ran fast, etc., and ultimately that is the most important thing. I guess we will see at the first meet next Saturday (Feb. 26) at Pearl.

Joseph said that while he was running, he looked over and saw Steve Shaffer running around the track! That crazy joker is awesome!


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