7 miles of gravel, more or less…

Monday was my weight lifting day and it was pretty good. Started out slow, wasn’t feeling it, but after a few sets, things started feeling better.  Got some good incline dumbbell presses in, blackeyes, curls with the curl bar, some dips, curls with dumbbells, lateral flies, and a couple of other things.

Got done, and went to pick up the kid from his track workout. When I arrived, he had not even started. They had some kind of meeting earlier, and so did not start his workout until later. Then they did a bunch of warmup deals, probably about 20 minutes too many for the distance kids, although the sprinters definitely need that. So anyway, he finally got going. After a warm up mile, he and Kamau did 5 X 1000m intervals at 3:09-3:15 pace wit 400m jogs between. When they got done, they did a 20 minute cool down jog. While I was there, I timed the other distance kids on their 1000m intervals.  They all did quite well.  But, because of the late start, we didn’t get home until at least 6 PM! Much too late for Joseph, as he had quite a bit of homework.

Tuesday, we went to the South Farm for our longer run of the week. Long being a relative term, since some of the kids are junior high age and don’t go as far. But most of them went 5.5 miles even so, although a few went about 4.5 miles.  Joseph and Kamau ran together for 4.5 miles at a 6.25 minute per mile pace, then Joseph and he split off with Kamau doing 6 miles and Joseph doing 8.  Aaron Remotigue did a great job today and ran about 7 miles (maybe a hair more).  He did a lot better today than any other day this year, its good to see him getting back in shape. He has been gradually adding a little bit to his runs, and it is paying off.  Damien Grady, Case Kingery, and Stewart Woomer all ran very good today, having little problem with the 5.5 mile route that they did.  They may need to go a little farther next time! The same for Laken, Kate, and Walker, all three of which are junior high girls. In fact, just about everybody did a good job. Maybe it was the picture perfect weather? It was a little dusty now and then when a truck came by, but fortunately, not many did. Gates were up on part of the route early on, but we climbed them.  The wind was not bad, and overall, you could not have asked for a nicer day to run! Steve Shaffer also joined us and did the 8 mile loop. I only did 7 or so miles as I needed to get back to make sure everybody was ok and doing their 100m strides.  Everybody got water and stretched out eventually.  You have to stay on top of those jokers to make sure they stretch! It took a while before all the parents got their kids, but eventually they did and we finally got home.

Tomorrow, the North Farm run…


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