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We had a nice run at the North Farm Wednesday afternoon. The weather could not have been better! As usual, the kids did somewhere between 4 and 5.2 miles today, depending on the runner.   On Wednesdays we usually go a little easier and a shorter distance than on Tuesdays, since the kids have a track workout the following day. So this was an easier run. Joseph averaged somewhere around 6:40 per mile. Damien again had a good run and was the second person to finish up. Nathan, Stuart, and I ran together and were the next to finish. We averaged about 7 to 7:10 a mile or so. Kamau showed up late, so he took a shortcut, and caught up and finished with us.  Steve Shaffer again ran with us and was not too far behind our group.  Most of the other folks were junior high kids and they all ran about 4 miles or so. Too easy for some of them, they might have to do a little more next week maybe? After everyone got done, they did between 4 and 6 hill repeats on the big nasty hill over there. Then, we all stretched and folks gradually left.

Thursday was track day, and again, since Joseph has guitar practice at 4:30 on Thursdays, he got started earlier than the other kids.  For the workout, Coach Barnett had them doing 600m/500m/400m/300m/200m/100m repetitions, all with equal amounts of running between each. Of course, a warm up and cool down jog was thrown in there. The reps were pretty fast, he said his 600 was 1:40, for example. He did not think every rep was as fast as it should have been, but it was very windy! While he was running, I was again on my mountain bike at the Research Park trails. Several people out there again. Some blond dude, think his name is Gunner or something, was jogging around the whole time I was there. Saw 3 guys riding, 2 were together, and the other was trying to fix his bike and recover after taking a nasty spill. He landed on his shoulder and neck, and was probably lucky it was not worse since he did not have a helmet on! A family walking around too. Nice place to hang out for sure.

Friday was so busy, I did not get to do anything athletic today!  Picked the kid up at the school around 5pm. He had just ran easy for 30-35 minutes in the nearby neighborhood with Kamau. I talked to the coaches a while about our meet coming up tomorrow morning. We need to be at the school at 7:30 AM to take off for the meet. The meet will actually be a practice meet, no ribbons, results, etc.. Basically, it is just a measuring stick to see where everyone is with their running right now. Not sure exactly which teams will be there, but for sure Pearl, since they are hosting the meet! I believe Madison Central may be coming too. Both teams have some really good runners, so we know we will be tested early. Because its a practice meet, they can have multiple entries, especially in the longer runs, could be crazy! And, it will be a long day. Don’t imagine we will be back until sometime tomorrow night.

We will be back at the South Farm Sunday afternoon at 3 pm for an easy run, if anybody wants to come….


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