crazy hilly long run today

Only Steve (crazy man Shaffer), Joseph, and I ran today. Nobody else came, so we did a crazy hilly loop. Went down Blackjack road, cut through the east part of campus near Eckies Pond, then cruised over to the apartment complex near the disc golf course, cut through a field to University Estates loping through the hills there, then turned left on Bardwell Road (also known as roller coaster road).  We ran the length of Bardwell before turning left on Old Mayhew Rd., then at the end of it, we turned right headed to the Highway Patrol Station.  We crossed Hwy 82 and took a few minutes to stretch at the Rose Garden.  Looked for a water hose, but to avail. Starkville in general is not very user friendly to people who exercise, and this was no exception. We the headed through the north farm then ran the bike trails in the nearby woods.  Running on the trails was awesome and very hilly! We finally left the woods, and ran back through the Research Park, ran around campus,  then back to the south farm where we parked. Probably about 10.5 to 11 miles, although I don’t know for sure. Took us an hour and 19 minutes for what that’s worth.

On Saturday, we went to the Pearl Practice meet. We were at the high school by 7:15 AM, and got home at 9 PM last night! Long day, and it was warm. We had two full bus loads of kids – one for the girls and the other for the boys. I road with the boys. Man, those jokers are crazy! Lots of football players. Very entertaining though, some of them rapped and sang reggae type songs on the ride back. The meet was pretty informal, but probably a good idea. Some people did really well, some did not do as well as they had been doing. Joseph ran the 3200m, 1600m, and ran one leg of the 4 X 400m race. He did not run well in the first two races. He started out way too fast! Then looked rough on the second mile and came in 3rd. But, for him, worse than coming in 3rd was the fact that he ran at least 30 seconds slower than he has been running. Same deal with the mile, not a good day. He seemed really tired and not in to it. Hopefully, this will not persist. He had been practicing well, but looked out of it. If he can relax, he should do what he does in practice every day! Of course, for people who don’t know him, they thought he did great, especially since he is only 14. Anyway, next Saturday we do not have a meet. So maybe he will get his head right.


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