Running with the wilder-beasts

Monday was a crazy day, started out beautiful, but midday a storm strolled through the area, and for about 45 minutes or so, it was raining and thundering and all that good stuff. I ended up lifting weights that afternoon, before heading to the SHS track to time some of the runners. The distance punks were doing some kind of ladder thing again:1200m/800m/600m/400m/300m/200m/100m all with equal jogs between, and of course, with a warm up mile and a cool down of at least a mile.  Joseph and Kamau ran together for the most part, although Kamau got him pretty good on the 400m one.

Tuesday was a bit cooler, but warm enough to run without a shirt. I met with some of the kids at the South Farm as we usually do on Tuesdays. Small crowd today for various reasons.  They only ran about 5.5 miles today, but it is a hilly course, so that is not as easy as it sounds, especially on gravel. Joseph finished at 35 minutes. I ran with Kamau and we finished at about 38 minutes. Nathan Gaudin was not more than a couple minutes behind. When we got back to the starting point, Coach Barnett was there. Talked to him a while as those did their strides. Aaron then come in, followed by Kate, Walker, and Marshall. Steve Shaffer was the last to make it, but he ran about 1.5 miles farther than the rest of us! This was the best I had felt since I messed up my right, inner ankle. So, I was very happy. It is still sore, but I am running a lot better now! While we were running, we passed a girl, whom I assumed was on the MSU track team,  going in the opposite direction from us.  Later, we passed two MSU guys going in the opposite direction. They were very friendly and asked how we were doing. Those guys are always very nice.

Coach Barnett and I talked  about ways to raise money for the track team/booster club. I suggested that if people wanted to donate $100 or money, we could get them a tshirt saying they are supporters of the track team, then maybe $50 donors could get a hat or something. Following that discussion, we went over to the SHS Track booster club meeting at the high school to talk about needs and how to raise money. I don’t know if we accomplished anything or not. At some point between the first meeting and this one, Grant Arinder became president of the booster club. Enough about meetings though, they are as boring to write and read about as they are to be at!

Tomorrow, the North Farm will be under attack by the running gang!


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