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Wednesday was yet another great day to run at the North Farm. Had most of the regular crew out there, although there were a few no-shows. I think some of them were actually working out at the track. Of course, Steve Shaffer was there ready to go with us!  The junior high kids were getting ready for a meet on Friday, so they only went 4 miles and did 4 hill strides after. As far as track is concerned, junior high is 7th through 9th grade.  Of course, kids that are in those grades that are fast enough can run varsity, as in the case of Joseph. He and the other high school kids did 5.2 miles, then did the hill strides. Joseph was again cruising along well today and instead of stopping at the finish, he kept going.  He was done with his 5.2 miles in about 33 minutes, then went another 30 minutes.  I felt much better myself, and finished up just under 35 minutes, followed by Case in about 36, Nathan in about 37, and Steve Shaffer who was maybe a minute behind him. Everybody ran pretty well today.

Thursday, I went to the Sanderson Center and lifted wieights. Another pretty good workout. Went upstairs and ran a quick (relatively) mile on the indoor track with an MSU student. He had run track and XC at Jackson Prep in High School.  After that, I went and picked up Joseph from guitar practice. He ran at the track today and did a 2 X  450/350/250/150/150/150m workout. He said he was able to keep his times under the suggested times given to him by Coach Barnett.

On Friday, most of the coaches, the paid ones anyway, went to the junior high meet, which was held in Meridian, MS. I did not go myself, but went up to the school for the high school distance runners, who were going to run in the nearby Longmeadow neighborhood. Unfortunately, it was pouring, and thundering and that sort of thing, so they did not run. I guess they realized that would be the case because only a couple of people showed up anyway.  I have not found out how the junior high meet went, or if they even got to run it since the weather was bad.

On Saturday, I had planned on taking Joseph over to the track to do a workout, but the weather was not conducive! Rained all day!  So, he got a nice two day rest. Probably for the best anyway, he has not had very many rest days. Should be good tomorrow when we meet to run at the North Farm  at 3 pm.  We had planned on hitting the trails again, but I imagine it will be much too wet for that that. We will probably run around the campus and nearby neighborhoods instead…..



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