running in Starkville

The week again began with a great run on Sunday afternoon with Steve and Joseph. We parked at the North Farm, headed through the Research Park and through the MSU campus toward University Estates (the hilliest neighborhood in town). We ran through the neighborhood and back to Mayhew Rd., then down Bardwell Rd., back through the other side of University Estates, around the back side of campus toward the sorority houses and finally back to the North Farm.  Just like the previous week, we meandered around and greatly enjoyed the nice spring day.

While we were running, some of the other kids that run with us participated in a 5k race hosted by the First United Methodist Church. Not only did they participate, but they dominated from what I heard. Ethan Musser was the overall winner and Stewart Woomer was second overall! Way to go guys!  Not to be outdone this weekend, Steve ran a 5k the day before himself, in which he finished 3rd overall!

Monday, I went to the gym and lifted weights, then again headed to the SHS track to time and watch some of the kids during their track workout.  Joseph and Kamau did about a 2 mile warm up, then did 16 X 400 intervals with one minute rests between each. As usual, they ran together and  did their intervals between 1:10 and 1:14 per 400. Afterward, they did a cool down run. Damian and Nathan also did 16 reps at slightly slower paces.  The other distances runners did not do quite as many, but did a good job with them.

No run Tuesday! Rained like crazy and lots of thunder and lightning too. But, we got back to it on Wednesday with our 5.2 mile run at the North Farm. Joseph headed the group out and Kamau and Damian ran together, until at some point Damian took a short cut to shorten his run up. I believe his hip was sore. Grant also ran a shorter route for similar reasons. Stewart, Aaron, Nathan, and Case all ran pretty well, although Nathan had a sore thigh from the track workout the other day and had to drop back and slow down. I decided to run with some of the other kids today. I ended up running with Christian, Alex, and Mary Elizabeth (ME) [and Nathan, after he slowed down].  Christian dropped off at some point (I think his stomach was upset), and ME started having some soreness in her calves, so I stopped with her while she stretched. We took a shortcut and talked about injuries and running form. When everyone got back, they did six strides on a somewhat hilly part of the paved road near the parking lot. Couldn’t use the big hill because it was too muddy.

Tomorrow, everybody will be back at the track for one more workout before the track meet on Saturday in Tuscaloosa, AL.


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