track workout

We went to the SHS this morning for a track workout with the runners that happened to be in town (instead of on vacation somewhere).  The distance kids did 12 300’s in sets of 4, although Kamau and Joseph did two sets of six instead. In between each 300 they did a 100m walk/jog and a 500 m jog between sets.

Coach  Barnett was out of town today, but Coach Woomer, Coach Fisher, and Coach Minor were there, as well as us crazy cool volunteer coaches including Coach Heard, Coach Beckam, Coach Evans, and myself. Coach Heard, from Eupora, was a great jumper in high school and recently got done playing arena football.  He is doing a great job helping the jumpers with their form and what-have-you. Coach Beckam knows a lot about how to make people faster and is helping the sprinters with various things. Coach Evans ran at SHS a few years back and at MSU, and helps the sprinters and hurdlers. And, of course, I help out the distance runners. Mostly I try to push them, help pace them, give them pointers on form, etc. I don’t really get to design their workouts or anything, although I may occasionally modify them a bit depending on what’s going on.  Also there today was David Miller, the sports writer for the Dispatch. He hung out a while talking to various people.

Before we even got started, a metal sign about 12 X 16 inches was blown off the fence around the track and into Joseph’s right arm. He received a nasty gash and blood was plentiful. Coach Fisher took him over to the Athletic complex and cleaned it up and bandaged it. It probably could have used stitches, but we decided not to do all that. Finally, he and Kamau got to start their workout!

Since there were not many people there, I ran along with the junior high boys to pace them. There were only 4 of them, Christian, Marshall, Chin, and Matthew (Myles).  Marshall is a 7th grader and the other three are 8th and 9th graders, but those 3 are all 14 years old now. Christian was the fastest of that group and I ran along side him as the others ran right behind. I did not run the first few 300s with them and noticed they seemed to be going too slow for the workout. But, when I jumped in, that changed! Christian especially looked good today, although all 4 of them were hitting the times they were supposed to be doing. On the last set of 3, Christian ran 53 seconds, 50 seconds, and 51 seconds, which was great. Actually, he did so well on the first two in that set, I had him run his last one with Kamau and Joseph to help push him, and to keep Joseph and Kamau honest. I knew they would not let him pass them. Kamau ran that one in 43, Joseph in 45, and Christian was 51 seconds.  We finally got done with the 300s and did a cool down mile (or or two).



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