Warmer weather!

We didn’t have a track meet this past Saturday, so we got to sleep late for a change! We had talked about running the Lake Lowndes St. Paddy’s Day 5k that morning-even woke up in time, but we were too lazy, so we went back to bed.  Don’t know who won yet. Last year Joseph won and I was 2nd.  That has happened a few times. Later in the day, we decided to make up for our laziness by running at the track. We started off with a 1 mile warm up. Then, Joseph ran a relatively fast 2 mile (11:00), then 5 minutes later a mile (5:15 -5:20 or so), then a 400m run in about 1:09, then a 200 in :26, then finished up with a mile cool down.

Sunday afternoon, we met with Steve Shaffer at the North Farm. It was very warm for this time of year, about 86°F! We went a different route today and headed toward downtown Starkville.  Went down University Drive toward Main Street, then down Greensboro Street where we turned left on Louisville Street, then left on Gillispie Street, then left down Montgomery Street until University Street. We then went through the MSU campus and back around the Sanderson Center and through the Research Center finishing up back at the North Farm. I think We went about 7.5 miles or so, but it seemed a little harder than usual with the warmer weather.

Monday was another track day for the SHS track kids. The high school distance runners did 5 X 1000m intervals. The junior high runners had a reduced workout because they were going to run in a junior high meet in Meridian the next day.  Of course, in track events, 9th graders can participate in junior high races, so many, if not most, of the 9th graders were going to be in the meet. I think Joseph may have been one of the few 9th grade boys who was not supposed to go, but he will be in a big varsity meet this weekend in Homewood, Alabama, so I think he was ok with that. Of the high school boys working out that day, I thought Joseph and Case looked really good.  Joseph’s times were between 3:07 and 3:14 I think, with 400m jogs between. Case was typically only a few seconds back. Kamau started out pretty good, but appeared to be a little dehydrated after his 3rd 1000m run, so he had to take a break. The other group of boys seemed to be doing pretty well, and Damian was consistently leading that group.

Tuesday afternoon, we met at the South Farm for a medium paced run. All of the younger kids except for Joseph and Walker were at the Meridian meet, so we had a reduced group. But, we had a pretty good run. I was able to keep up with Joseph and Kamau today for 7 miles at about a 6:40 pace. I believe Steve ended up doing about 8 miles, because at some point they had started moving some cattle across the road. Kamau, Joseph, and I had just beat the cows, but Steve had to turn around and back track some, which added a mile or so to his run.  Most of the others went 5.5 miles, and a couple with mild injuries only went 3.1 miles. Everybody did 6 strides when they got through. Because it was pretty warm today I put out a water jug at a point about 3.5 miles out. Probably a good idea, since nobody is really used to the heat yet! It was somewhat dusty too, but it was only really bad when a MAFES work truck went by.  Fortunately, most of those jokers get off work at 4 PM and generally leave enmasse. We generally start our run right after the mass exodus of farm workers.

Tomorrow afternoon we will be at the North Farm, again meeting at the old Enology Building on the big hill.


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