Mississippi State Invitational and some good running this week

We had some heavy rain Tuesday night, so instead of the run we normally do on Wednesdays at the MSU North Farm gravel roads, we did on the paved road around the Research Park Circle.  We started and finished at the Enology Building, and did five laps around the Park for a total of 5.2 miles. Aaron was again in great form and started us out at a brisk pace, especially considering today was a moderate paced day. Joseph and I stuck with him for part of the first mile, then Joseph got bored and picked it up. I continued with Aaron for about 3.2 miles, then, after he slowed a bit,  I picked it back up. Joseph ended up at about 31 minutes and I was just over 32. I think Aaron was about a minute behind. Nathan, Alex, and Case did a pretty good job too, but actually ran at a moderate pace, probably about 7 minutes per or so. Steve ran slower, but made his run more difficult by running all the grassy hills he could find. Abigail and Mary Elizabeth both cut their run short as they needed to leave early, but Walker did the entire run.

On Thursday, the SHS kids were back on the track. Their workout was 6 X 150m fast, then 800m tempo, then 6 X 150m fast, and of course, a cool down and warm up.  The junior high kids had a slightly different workout.  The next day was an easy run day, as our varsity team was getting ready for the huge Mississippi State Invitational the next day.  Friday  afternoon and evening, MSU also hosted a college meet, which many of our kids attended. I checked Joseph out of school early so we could watch some of the field events.

We got to get up Saturday morning at a normal time with the meet being in Starkville for a change. The was the first meet SHS had at home in many years, and to have it on the new MSU track was amazing! And, the meet was large with 100 teams signed up and 1400 kids signed up for the meet. As far as our distance runners went, we had a decent day. Joseph was 7th in the 3200m run with a time of 10:30, his best of the season so far. Damian Grady  was 22nd at 11:16.   Aaron Remotigue did a much better job in the 3200m race than he had at an earlier meet and finished around 11:50 coming in 34th. Nathan also did much better and was 12:01 in 37th place. In the mile race, Kamau Bostic did a good job and ran 4:42  placing 4th.  Joseph did not do as well in the mile, coming in at 14th at 4:57, but he did not have a long break between races either and may have exerted himself too much too early in the first 200m of the 3200m race.  Aaron was 55th with a time of 5:39 and Nathan Gaudin was 59th with a 5:44.   Kamau also excelled in the 800m race placing 3rd with a 2:01. Kamau clearly is going to be a front runner at our 6A State Meet in mid May. Our other 3 runners in the 800 also did a good job with Case leading the way in 9th place with a  2:07, Damian in 10th with 2:08, and Grant in 12th with  2:09.  Not to be outdone, the girls also did quite well. Walker was fourth in the 3200m race with 12:18 (PR) and was 7th in the mile with a time of  5:52, and Mary Elizabeth was 12th at 5:54. Mary Elizabeth also ran a good 800m race finishing 10th 2:35 or so. Complete results of the meet are at: http://www.cfpitiming.com/2011_Outdoor_Season/Mississippi_St_Bulldog_April_1_2_2011/MS_St_bulldog_HS_Full_meet_results_apr_2__2011.htm

Tomorrow afternoon, we will again meet at the North Farm for a 9-10 mile easy run. Come on out if you can!


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