Sunday afternoon run

As we were getting ready for our Sunday afternoon run, which we started at the MSU North Farm, one of the MSU track runners, Nathan Lewis, stopped by to say hello. He is one of the nicest people I have ever met! He congratulated Joseph on his nice 3200m race that he ran in on Saturday! That was cool. Anyway, it was only Joseph, Steve, and I as we started out, but we met Arash Taheri soon thereafter. Arash is a student at MSU and a former high school cross country and 2 mile state champion. Although he is a junior now, he still has all of his eligibility to run in college and wants to try to make the MSU team for the coming fall XC season. It was great to have him join us on our run! He for sure sped us up a little.  The weather was warm, in the upper 80’s, and quite windy at times. About halfway through our run we found a water hose at an apartment complex. That was nice, because we were getting thirsty.  I have used this hose before, and planned the route to hit it actually! While running through University Estates, we passed by MSU’s head track coach Steve Dudley as he was mowing his lawn.  That was the third time in three days we had seen him, counting the two previous days of track meets.  Altogether we ran for about an hour and 6 minutes. But, it was a pretty good run for an easy day. After the first couple miles we were cruising along at a decent pace. And with the heat, wind, and hills, it was a great workout! On the way back I took Arash and Joseph through the mountain bike trails near the research park. We lost Steve somewhere on the campus, but met back up with him at the parking area. He needed a water break. After we stretched out, he went back and ran the trails for a while. He has great endurance! I don’t know how far he went, as we headed on home.


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