Mississippi College Invitational results

Well, yeah, I was too tired to type any results last night, but we did have a pretty good meet yesterday, despite the heat! Although some of the sprinters had an exceptional day, I will mainly just mention how our distance runners did, since they are the ones I have worked with.

The day started off great for us with our 4 X 800 team placing first with a time of 8:30! The team consisted of Kamau, Damian, Grant, and Jalen, but Joseph and Case could have just as easily have run one of the legs. We have six pretty good half milers right now, with Kamau the clear leader. I only wish the 4 X 800m race was a standard race for MS. Unfortunately, it is not, or we would do great with it at the state meet. We were able to run a B team too, which consisted of Nathan Gaudin, Aaron Remotigue, Alex Ross, and Stuart Woomer. They came in 6th with a time of 9:17.

Walker Mattox (8th grade, 14 years old) had a PR in the 1600m race coming in 2nd at 5:42.64! Mary Elizabeth Stringer ran 6:06 to place 5th. In boys race, Joseph (9th grade) was 6th at 4:54 and Kamau Bostic (11th grade) was 7th at 5:01. Neither had a great race. Kamau actually  had an achilles strain, which slowed him down. He probably should not have even run. Hopefully, he will take it easy the next few days and be ready for our district meet in a couple of weeks. Stuart Woomer also ran the mile for our B team with a respectable time of 5:26 for a 9th grader (14 years old), although it was well off his time a week ago, which was around 5:17. He is looking good for sure and heading in the right direction! Aaron Remotigue, a 10th grader, rounded out the B team coming in 17th with a time of 5:30, which was not fast, but I believe it was actually a PR for him.

Both of our girls in the 800m race had PRs with Mary Elizabeth placing 5th with a time of 2:33 and Abigail Arinder (8th grader) 17th with a time of 2:50.  In the boys race Damian Grady was 4th with a 2:12, Grant Woomer was 7th at 2:15, and Nathan Gaudin was 15th at 2:25.

In the girls 2 mile race, our very own Walker took first place with a time of 12:10! Definitely a PR! Great job. Abigail was 4th at 13:12. Joseph placed 3rd in the boys race with a 10:30.62, which was .05 seconds faster than his race the week before and technically a PR. Nathan finished in 12:12 coming in 9th. He was super tired after having run the 800m race, but still did his best job! Damian started the race and ran about 5 laps, but did not finish.  I would like to have seen him finish. But, I guess that was better than Aaron, who goofed around with his buddy so long, he forgot to check in and did not run the race.  He did not really want to run it anyway, and this was the 3rd meet in which he somehow got out of running the 2 mile race.  He is not really into this track stuff anyway, so we have kind of gotten used to his behavior, although it is disappointing.

To round out the day, Mary Elizabeth also participated in the 4 X 400 m race, a first for her. She did a great job and ran her split in 1:06.

Overall, the boys team placed 3rd, just behind Clinton, with Pearl winning the Division 1 group.

Full results are at: http://ms.milesplit.com/meets/80511


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