Sunday afternoon run

We pushed back our Sunday afternoon run to 5 PM because it was so hot! I think it helped some anyway. Small group again with just Joseph, Arash, Steve and I.  We all went out together at a decent pace, then after about 30 minutes, I told Joseph and Arash to go on back by themselves and I would run with Steve a while. A bit later, Steve was feeling somewhat tired, so I took off by myself, arriving back at the truck at about 56 minutes. I thought I would have come across the other two guys, but didn’t, so I headed back out for another 10 minutes. They showed up about 5 minutes later. Steve showed back up just as I was heading back out. Good run all in all with the heat!

On Monday, the track practice was canceled due to bad weather. We will be making that up tomorrow by going to the track instead of running at the North Farm. We will get our North Farm run in on Wednesday. Joseph and I did get a 3.2 mile run in just before the rain and wind got us. As it was, it was very windy!


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