great running this week!

Joseph and I got a quick 3.2 mile run in Monday afternoon just before some crazy wind and rain hit us. We barely made it to the truck before it came down! We were lucky to get a run in at all. Not too fast, about 6:15 a mile or so.

The next day, we made up the track practice that was scheduled for Monday, but canceled due to the impending storm that day. Distance kids did a ladder workout that consisted of  1200m/800m/600m/400m/200m/100m with the same distance jog between each and a warm up mile or so before and cool down after.  The number of kids practicing lately has diminished somewhat as we approach the division meet in which we can only run the best two individuals per event. Also, the junior high season is over, and only a couple of the younger girls are running varsity. Walker Mattox and Abigail Arinder are too of those girls, both in the eighth grade and both very good distance runners. In fact, I believe Walker is ranked 1st in the state in the 6A division.  Kamau is taking it easy this week resting his achilles tendon injury, which appears to be mild. I think he is going to be ready to go next week for the district (division) meet. Joseph got to run some today with Arash, who was at the track doing his own workout. That was cool for Joseph to run with somebody so fast. And, he did a good job with the workout, as did everyone!  To give you an idea of how fast Joseph was running, his 600m was 1:31, 400m was 1:02, and 200m was :28. Not bad for a 14 year old distance runner. Heck, Walker’s 400m was 1:14! Not bad for a 14 year old female distance runner. And remember, these were not full, all-out fast paced runs, but rather, they were interval type runs with jogs in between each one. Its difficult to maintain the pace they were going,  jog between each interval, and finish the entire workout without stopping. Those jokers are getting better and better every day! Steve even showed up and did some of the workout. I think he really liked it! In fact, he is fast becoming a believer in intervals now. I imagine we will be seeing more and more of him on the track. I jumped in and ran with different people trying to push them and remind them about their running form along the way.

Wednesday afternoon was warm, but not bad. We ran the 5.2 mile loop I measured around the North Farm and back up to the Enology Building. Arash again joined us, and he, Joseph, and I ran together running about 6:15 per mile. Aaron also run pretty well today. Damian ran around the Research Park loop 5 times instead of running on the gravel road, and finished about the same time as Aaron, but obviously with a much easier degree of difficulty because of the easier course. Steve Shaffer ran steady as always, finishing up behind Aaron. Our three distance girls, Mary Elizabeth, Walker, and Abigail all ran together and did about 4 miles. All of the kids did 6 X 100m strides when they finished. Pretty good running all in all!  The only negative thing was all the people walking their dogs without leashes. The dogs sometimes run after or toward us. This is a constant problem, and it is amazing that apparently none of the dog owners can read the signs at the entrances of the North Farm that clearly state all dogs must be on leashes. I have called campus security before, and I guess I need to start doing that again. Not only have we had problems with the dogs, even to the point of them jumping on a runner and growling and snapping at him one morning, but the agricultural researchers also have a serious problem with the dogs running through the research plots in the fields. It truly amazes me that people can be so self centered that they don’t actually care if their dogs attack people or disturb scientific research. It is so bad, that there has actually been talk of closing the farm off to all non-researchers. Hopefully, it will not come to that!

Tomorrow will be a fairly easy little track workout as we have a meet scheduled for Friday at Pearl High School. Unfortunately, the weather for Friday is looking pretty bad, so they may post phone the meet until the day after. We will not know for sure until tomorrow afternoon or evening. This will be our last meet before the qualifying meets leading up to the State Meet on May 14. Its very difficult to qualify for the state meet, especially in the 6A division, which includes the largest schools in the state. We can only run 2 runners per event. Only the top 4 at the district meet qualify for the regional meet, only the top 4 there qualify for the North Half Meet, and only the top 4 at that meet qualify for  the State Meet. One bad race and that’s it! No pressure guys! Just run like crazy and you keep going! We are actually looking pretty darn good in most of the boys races and if everyone runs like they have been, we could have runners qualify for the state meet in most of the events. That has not happened in quite some time at SHS! The girls are not looking so good, except for our awesome distance runners, who should easily qualify.


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