Sweet Sunday Afternoon Run

MSU North Farm

We went over to the MSU North Farm again this afternoon for a nice run. We did our MSU campus, University Estates, and Bardwell Road Route.  Today’s group included Joseph (MacGown), Steve Shaffer, Arash Taheri, Ethan Musser, Kamau Bostic, and me. It was good to see that crazy Ethan out there, he had not joined us in a while. And, it was good to see Kamau back. He had a sore achilles the previous week or so, but after resting it, he appeared to be back in top form. It was awesome having those guys out there running with us, it really made it easier to run! We cruised along pretty smoothly for just over 50 minutes. It was a great day for the run, with the temps in mid 70’s and some nice wind to challenge us a bit.

Kamau and I finishing up the run

Arash finishing up just behind us.

Ethan and Joseph finished up a bit behind Kamau and I,
so I went back and joined them as they finished up.

Steve Shaffer cruising along!

Julie jogged along the North Farm while we were running. The gravel roads on the farm there are ideal for running on. The only problem lately has been the dog owners that refuse to follow the MSU and North Farm regulations for having dogs always on leashes. She did not have any problematic encounters this week, although last week several growling dogs ran after her. Those same dogs were there today (see photo below), but fortunately, they did not run toward her growling this week. Not only did these owners completely ignore the leash rule, which is clearly posted, they even threw tennis balls into the research plots for their dogs to retrieve. I understand that people want to walk their dogs, but they should respect the rules and laws, other people walking or running, and the research conducted by the MSU Agricultural Division.


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