District Meet and Cotton District Arts Festival 5k

Last Tuesday we were at the first part of the District Track Meet in Tupelo.  Events at the meet included the 3200m race and all the field events. All four of our entries in the 3200m race qualified for the regional meet, which will be held next Saturday in Tupelo.  Joseph MacGown was 2nd and Damian Grady was 4th in the boys race, and Walker Mattox was 1st and Abigail Arinder was 3rd in the girls race.  Altogether with our field event entries, I believe we had people qualify in 12 events.

All of the remaining running events were scheduled to be held on Thursday, but were post phoned to Monday because of bad weather. This was good and bad. Bad, because it messed up our workout schedule for the weekend and for next week. However, if possible, you never want to have kids running on a wet track. Also, Joseph had been somewhat sick all week with a sore throat, stomach ache, slight fever, etc., so hopefully the break will do him some good. He for sure did not need to run in the run sick!  As it was, he did not look good on Tuesday when he ran the 3200m race, which he ran 25 seconds slower than the week before.  Unfortunately, I was looking forward to having Joseph run a fast 5k on Saturday at the Cotton District Arts Festival. That would have been a great workout. He was wanting to break 17 minutes. Due to our district meet being rescheduled to Monday, that meant he could not run hard in the 5k, because we did not want him to have his legs too tired. So, he ran the race, but only at a moderate pace, 18:20 or so. That was good for 2nd place even so,  and first in his age group, as his easy runs are faster than the fast pace for lots of people.  I apparently contracted whatever Joseph had sometime around Thursday. Stomach pain, weakness, slight fever. Took too much medicine Friday night, which put me to sleep. I ran the 5k on Saturday anyway, but it was at a much reduced pace. I think I was in the 19:25 ish range, which was 1:30 slower than I had done the same distance two days before! Even running that slow, I ended up 5th overall and 1st in my age group. I ended up running with Aaron Remotigue and Ethan Musser for most of the race, but they slowed down with about 3/4 miles to go and I finished a little bit ahead of them.  Ethan was third in his age group. Kate Mattox ran very well once again, and easily won the woman’s division for the 2nd straight year. Pretty good considering she is only 12!  Steve Shaffer also did a good job and won his age group! Winning awards in this race are cool, because the awards are handcrafted pottery created by Robert Long, an art professor at MSU.

I ran a few miles Sunday morning by myself. We aren’t doing a group run today, because most of our guys will be running in the District meet tomorrow, and we don’t need them running 10 miles the day before! I felt better than the previous 3 days, but still a bit sluggish and weak. I don’t like it!!

Hopefully, our distance kids will do well tomorrow as they compete in the mile and the half mile at the district meet!


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