North State 6A Meet

The big day is fast approaching! The Mississippi North State 6A Track and Field Meet will be held this Saturday at the Mississippi State Track.  The pressure is on! Only the top 4 from each event will move on to the State Meet the following Saturday in Pearl, MS.

This week’s running has been modified a bit as we prepare for the meet. We started the week with a nice hour long run Sunday afternoon. The crew this week included Joseph, Ethan Musser, Steve Shaffer, and I. We made a nice loop starting from the MSU North Farm, then down Main Street, Greensboro St., Whitfield St., down Lindbergh Blvd, then back toward town on Gillispie street, strolled through the campus a while, then headed back to the North Farm. Pretty easy run.

Monday’s action was at the SHS track where our distance kids did a 16 X 400m workout with 30 intervals. But, the 400’s were pretty slow (relatively speaking). Kamau and Joseph did alright. Joseph’s last two were 1:08, but the other were between 1:13 and 1:16 with a couple of slower ones thrown in there. Mary Elizabeth had some stomach issues, and did not get to complete the workout, nor did Abigail, but Walker pushed through and finished strong. Because the other two girls couldn’t finish, I ran with Walker during her last several laps to help pace her. Stewart Woomer also did a few with us and did a good job.

On Tuesday, we did a 5.2 easy run at the North Farm. Nathan Gaudin showed up and ran with Joseph. Steve Shaffer and I ran with the girls today to keep them honest. We were shooting for a 45 minute run and we jogged the course in exactly 45 minutes! Awesome. Everybody is getting better about stretching after they run and warming up good before too.  Nice.

Wednesday’s workout was a treat, as the kids got to practice at the newly refurbished MSU track. The workout was fairly easy today. They did a 5 X 200m workout with 200m walks between. The 200’s were pretty fast though. Of course, they did a warm up and cool down run. Kamau and Joseph ran for about 30 minutes around the campus for their cool down. I hung around the track a bit, then ran through the campus myself for about 20 minutes. Felt really good too, I don’t know how far I went, or exactly how fast, but I felt really good. With all the talk I have been giving to the runners about improving their running form, I decided to work on that myself.  Good form helps a lot! My feet were really hitting the ground nicely, forefoot strikes, pushing off quickly and smoothly! Man, that felt nice.

Tomorrow, the guys will be doing an easy run in the neighborhood near the high school, and Friday will be a rest day.  But Saturday will be anything but a rest day for the kids who qualified for the North Half Meet! Our 3200m girls, Abigail and Walker, will run at 10:15 and Joseph will run his 3200m race at 10:45. Walker and Mary Elizabeth will be running the 1600m race at about 1:30 and then both will be in the 800m race at around 3:00 PM.  Kamau will be running the 1600m race at about 1:50 and the 800m race at about 3:10. Come out and see our distance runners and other athletes if you can! A complete schedule of the day’s events can be seen here:


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