easy rest week

After a week of taking it easy, we will be back running starting Sunday at 7 pm.  Joseph had a good week of rest with no running since Sunday. A good time for it too, with final exams this week. Anyway, he did a good job on his exams, so its time for some summer training to get ready for cross country this fall. I actually did not take much of a rest, although I only ran 3 days. I also mountain biked 3 days and lifted weights 3 days.

But, back to running tomorrow tomorrow! We plan on meeting a bit before 7 pm on Sunday at the parking lot near the softball fields at the MSU South Farm. Come run with us if you like. Most likely, we will run for at least an hour, but probably through the MSU campus and various parts of Starkville.

On Monday, we will do some sort of tempo run at the North Farm.  We will meet at 7pm at the Rose Garden (not the Enology building). 

Tuesday we will have an awards banquet at Calvary Baptist Church at 6pm (I believe), so we won’t be meeting to run. Normally this summer, we will be doing some type of interval based workout (400’s, 1000’s, or 600’s).

Wednesday, lots of people have church, so we will not plan runs for this night of the week.

Thursday, we will meet at 7 pm at the parking lot near the softball fields at the MSU South Farm. We will mostly likely do some type of fartlek run on the hilly gravel roads.

Friday, meeting back at South Farm at 7 pm for an easy run through campus.

Saturday morning, we plan on running with the boardtown running club at the White’s house on Heritage Colony Rd. just off of N. Montgomery at 6:30 AM.


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