Great Run

Joseph and I met Ethan Musser and Steve Shaffer yesterday at 7 pm at the MSU South Farm for a great run. We ran from the parking lot to Black Jack Rd, then behind the campus to the apartment complex back behind the disc golf course. Cruised around the place then cut through a field to University Estates making our way to Bardwell Rd. Saw Coach Dudley out tending to his yard (looked nice). When we hit Old Mayhew Rd., we turned left and continued straight until almost hitting the Sheely Hills Neighborhood, then turned right and went back to the campus. Took the next right and swooped down toward the Sanderson Center, and gradually made our way back to the South Farm. As we were running down Stone Blvd. just before the light at the Forestry Dept., some dude in the passenger seat of a truck leaned out and yelled “there’s a sidewalk right there!”  He was right, but, the sidewalk was about to run out at the light and there was only one vehicle on the 3 lane road there, so we thought we would be ok. Normally, if there is any traffic and there is a sidewalk, we are on it. But, when its not busy, the road is much less hard than the concrete sidewalks, so I try to run on them. Anyway, I waved to the guy.  This was the first 7pm run we have had since last summer, and boy, what a difference going a little later makes at this time of year! Felt really good. We ran for 50 minutes and were able to keep up a nice pace the entire way!

Today, we are going to run at the North Farm at 7pm, meeting at the Rose Garden. Thinking about doing a 4 mile tempo run around the farm at a decent clip.


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  1. Steve Shaffer is a beast!

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