Summer in Starkville, MS

The temperature is heating up! Around 92° today! So, for the most part, we are running either in the mornings or later in the day starting at 7 pm. Actually, Joseph is running twice a day several of those days, with easy runs on our trails on several of the mornings. He is also doing core workouts three days a week and basic plymetrics twice a week. The core workouts include things like pushups, pullups, various ab exercises, military presses, curls, dips, leg extensions, leg curls, calf raises, lunges, and occasionally a couple of other things. The plyometrics involve some basic jumps, high skips, long skips, and bounds.  Also, some drills are thrown in there like fast arm running, high knees, butt kicks, etc.  He is really trying to work on his form working toward have better posture while running, stronger arm movement from the shoulders, and faster leg and arm rotation. Surprisingly, in just a few days, he has already made progress. One thing is for sure, my days with keeping up with him are long gone!

On Monday morning, Joseph started his day with a 2 or 3 mile easy run on our trail. He then followed that with some core workouts. Later that evening at 7 PM, Joseph and I met Steve Shaffer and Abigail Arinder at the North Farm for a medium type run of about 4 miles. Joseph and I did a mile warmup first, then ran the course at a steady pace. However, my steady pace seems to have become slower than I remember. I was just under 7 minutes a mile, whereas Joseph was right around 6 minutes per mile. Not sure about Steve and Abigail time, but they ran together and were both able to keep a steady pace!

On Tuesday, Joseph did an easy run in the morning, then after lunch he did a light interval based workout on a loop of one of my trails. I have about a mile’s worth of trails altogether, but this particular loop is a little longer than 400m, which is good for intervals. I believe he did 8-10 of them at a pretty fast pace (about at his 2 mile pace) and between each he jogged the loop at a slower pace. I ordered a measuring wheel the other day, so I will be able to accurately measure that soon. I did not run today, but did go by the gym and lift some weights. That was great too, and I talked with a few friends while there.  Later that evening, we went to the SHS Track and Field banquet. They gave us some food, thanked Kevin Heard, Jawarski Beckum, and me for being volunteer coaches, recognized the runners who made it to the state meet, and gave out some awards.

Joseph got up Wednesday morn and again jogged our trails for about a half hour. Later, just before lunch he did his plyo’s and core workout. I came home about 4 pm and ran just over 5 miles with him out here in Sessums. It was hot! This was an easy run, but in my opinion easy does not mean slow, it means easy. If you can run 5 minute miles and its easy, then great. Or, if running them at a 8 minute per mile pace is easy, then that is what you should do. Jogging along at a pace that is ridiculously slow just does not seem to have any great purpose, unless you are injured or something like that. Anyway, he looked very comfortable and relaxed running at a 6:45 pace today. I was closer to 6:55, which was ok considering the weather.

Tomorrow, weather permitting, we will meet at the MSU South Farm for a run at 7 pm. Be there by 6:50 at least if possible, as we will begin running at 7 sharp……


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