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13 mile run this morn…..

I got up early this morning and jogged on my trail and did a few sets of pushups, all before 5 AM. Woke Joseph up a bit later, and we headed to the White’s house to run with the boardtown running club. The route today was scheduled to be 10.9 miles, but some of us ran to the Boardtown Bike Shop to lend support to the “Ban for Jan” cycling event. We hung around a few minutes then ran though the campus, before heading toward the South Farm and back down South Montgomery to the Whites. That route was about 13 miles. Some of the runners in our group did more than that. Houston Franks (MSU XC/track coach) ran 4 miles before the run and an extra mile at the end. Kelly White and David (last name?) added 3 miles at the end. Joseph and I just did the 13, which was plenty! Actually, he had no problem, but I slowed down the last couple of miles. I started getting some leg cramps in my thighs and hamstrings, and had to slow down quite a bit. That was the first time in about 20 years that I had that happen. Better eat some more bananas or something! Even so, I ran the 13 miles in 1:32, not terrible for an easy long run. Joseph was probably 4 minutes ahead of me. The first 11 were pretty easy though. Not surprising, since I have not run more than 11 miles in a while!

Anyway, nice way to start the day!


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vacation is over, and so is a week of work

We only ran about 35 miles during our vacation, but that was probably good to have a little break. And, either way, we did a bunch of other crazy stuff that week with all the biking (which was pretty casual), kayaking, swimming, hiking and general playing in the surf.

Our first Sunday back from vacation was pretty relaxed, but we did go for a nice 7 mile or so run that evening. We were happy to have Kamau Bostic and Mary Elizabeth Stringer join Steve, Joseph and me for the run. We took off at an easy pace and headed to the back of campus and then through University Estates. Mary Elizabeth did not need to go as far as us, so she and Kamau turned around when we reached Bardwell Rd. and headed back. Joseph and Steve were already halfway down the road. I finally caught them, and we made our way through University Estates, probably the hilliest neighborhood in town! Then Joseph and I picked it up a bit, and we headed back to the car.

Monday morn, Joseph got up and did an easy run on our trail. Later he did a core workout. I lifted weights that afternoon. Monday evening we ran at the North Farm, did the 4 mile loop. Cruised along pretty good, I was about 26:30; I think Joseph was about a minute faster. Steve did pretty well, as did Walker and Kate. I believe they ran for about 34 minutes.

Joseph got a good run in that morning, 4 or 5 miles. We planned on returning to the North Farm on Tuesday evening for some light 400m intervals, but the weather was not too good. Lots of rain. We caught a break in the weather around 6:30, so Joseph and I decided to do a few intervals out here in Sessums. I measured a 400m and 800m course on the paved road near the Reese Blueberry farm. We did two 800’s and six 400’s. Mine 800’s were 2:34 and 2:41, not terrible, but not hard; Joseph’s were 2:20 and 2:25. We jogged about 500m in between the first two, then rested about 3 minutes and did the 400’s with 400m jogs between. Mine were all between 1:10 and 1:14, which did not feel too hard. Joseph’s were between 1:05 and 1:09, and he did not look stressed. We were mostly working on our form, just trying to go a nice pace with good posture and good arm movement. Maybe they were too fast for this time of year, maybe not. Who knows, its not an exact science. Don’t really care. My mentality is to do what feels good that day. Next week it could be a slower pace for either of us.

Wednesday, Joseph ran 5.5 miles out here in Sessums. I lifted weights that afternoon, then ran a 5k distance in about 19:30 at 5 pm. Pretty hot, but nowhere near as bad as it had been. On Thursday, Joseph again did a morning run on our trails for 30-40 minutes. After work, I again lifted some weights. Trying to get back into it! We met at the South Farm at 7 PM for a run. Of course, Joseph, Steve, and I were there. Kamau also came with us. Russ and his girlfriend, Katelyn (spelling?) joined us, as did Kate Mattox. Those 3 ran together for about 4 miles, with Steve circling back and forth running ahead, then rejoining the group.  Kamau and Joseph took off pretty fast, considering it was an easy/moderate day. They were at the halfway mark at 3.5 mile mark at about 21:30. I couldn’t keep up with them, especially after the decent 5k the day before, which followed intervals on Tuesday. Anyway, they stopped to stretch for a minute or so, and I caught up with them and off an on ran with them the rest of the way. At some point Joseph got way ahead of us, but finished the last 3/4 mile at an easy cool down pace. Kamau and I picked it up pretty good for some reason, and ran a pretty fast mile, before cooling down for the last 1/2 mile. We three did the 7 miles loop, which is not easy at the South Farm with the gravel roads and hills.  I think we ended up running at about a 6:30 to 6:40 minute per mile pace. When we got done, I was so sweaty, I looked like I had been swimming.

Friday morn, the kid again did an easy run on the trails, 30-40 minutes. I did not run. Tomorrow morn, we are planning on going running with the Boardtown Runners. They are doing a 10.9 mile run I believe. Plan on going a little bit earlier since its so hot. Hopefully, we can start running at 6:15 AM. There is also a biking event planned for the morning slated to start around 7 AM at the Boardtown Bike Shop. The co-owner, Jan Morgan, was severely injured in a car/bike accident a few weeks ago, and this ride, which will go through part of town and down Hwy 12 (probably a bad idea to go down the busiest stretch of road in Starkville, but at least it will be relatively early on a Saturday) and back to the bike shop.  The ride is supposed to create awareness in the community for bikers, automobile drivers, pedestrians, etc., so hopefully, drivers can be more careful when driving near bikers, runners, or walkers, and bikers (especially) can be aware of rules and safety practices that will help them. Anyway, I believe some of the boardtown running group will be joining the riding group at some point.

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vacation, running, continued……

The week is going by quickly down here in Gulf Shores, but it has been mostly very nice. Lots of exercise too! Yesterday, we got up a bit late, then hung out at the beach for a while. Joseph and I went for a walk toward Ft. Morgan, but he somehow got ahead of me and I lost him, so I headed back to our tent/gazebo deal. He ended up coming back about 4 and half hours later. Just walking up and down the beach. Julie was getting worried about him getting dehydrated, so we went looking for him at some point. I walked several miles in the direction he had gone, then jogged back. Anyway, somehow I missed him, and he was back at the beach house when I arrived. I guess we both got a good workout, with all the walking, and in my case, a good 5 or 6 mile run in the sand barefoot after walking. Not used to that; got a couple of nasty blisters on the soles of my feet. After a nap, Joseph and I kayaked for a while. First we went up and down the shoreline a while, then we played in the surf for about an hour. About 30 minutes later, we went for a 30 minute run. Julie and Lee paced us on bikes. The first 4 minutes were warm up minutes, then we ran at a tempo pace. The second we hit the curve toward the bike lane down the highway, Joseph took of and lost me right away. Julie and Lee passed me, and I think they were surprised at the effort they had to put forth to keep up with Joseph! We went out and back, then did about a 4 to 5 minute cool down jog to finish. It is nice to have somebody pace Joseph, since I can’t really keep up with him anymore! That is one of the things that I really like about running with the Boardtown runners; even though it is an easy run, Joseph’s pace is faster than most folks’ faster pace. I try to keep up with him as much as possible, but I always am relieved when another good runner or two (or however many) are there for him to run with. Then I can slow down a bit to my normal pace, which is not terribly slow, but varies from day to day.  Last week, he seemed happy to go a little slower than the previous time, probably a good idea with the humidity, and the fact that we were about to head out on our vacation that morn. Regardless, it was at times still a little faster than I wanted to go. And, just at the right times, Micah White and Meggan Franks would be there cruising along, giving him a perfect pace to follow. I think once he gets used to them, he will likely run more with them than me.

Wednesday night we had some amazingly good pizza with spinach, artichoke hearts, tomatoes, etc. Delightful! Later that evening we all sat out on the beach, watched some fireworks and enjoyed the full moon and pleasant breeze.

I did not do much Thursday morn, although Julie ran a couple of miles, swam a few laps in the pool, biked a bit, and played tennis with her brother.  We went to the beach later for a while. Saw some dolphins, Actually, we have seen dolphins everyday at the beach. Yesterday some type of ray came up close to the shore. Cool little bugger. Lots of brown pelicans were out feeding too. Weird looking birds for sure! Julie’s sister, husband, and kids took off today, headed back to Starkville. They are not really into this beach stuff. We will leave on Saturday.

Ate an amazing lunch at the Gulf Island Grill. Still full. Had some shrimp and scallop kabobs with grilled pineapple, Caribbean rice and steamed vegetables. Also, some shrimp with mango buffalo sauce. Tasty. Everybody had something different, and it was all great. A storm is moving in right now, hence my having time to write this blog entry! Hopefully, it will cool down a bit after the rain, and we can go running at about 6 pm or so! Running sure makes me feel nice and refreshed.

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need to run earlier, too hot!

Yesterday was a weird day. Went to Pensacola where we ate lunch with some of Julie’s relatives (Uncle and Aunt). Then we went to the Pensacola Light House and climbed to the top.

Last night we went for a nice run about 7 pm down a road paralleling the beach. We had spent the previously hour body surfing on the waves. Caught a few good ones, ingested way too much salt water! The run was only about 20 minutes, but pretty fast. As we started, our legs felt like jelly after being in the water so long. But, we warmed up and on the way back (it was out and back), we were flying. I even kept up with Joseph for about 7 minutes! But, then he left me. Punk. Followed the run with some grillled hamburgers! Joseph went swimming later, but I was done for the day!

Got up the next morn, and Julie ran for a bit. Then Joseph and I ran to the Bon Secour National Wildlife Refuge down the road. Julie’s brother, Lee Reynolds road a bike along with us. It took us 55 minutes to get there, not sure how far, But, it was a long, hot, and humid run that was harder than usual because we did not have a water stop. But, when we got there, Julie was there with the car and plenty of water and gatorade. We checked out the beach there a while, picked up some shells. Then back to the beach house. They all went back out to the beach, which is where I am headed in a minute.

This afternoon we are going on a dolphin cruise, then eating at Stanley Steamers! Part of Joseph’s birthday present, which is today. 15 years old!

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vacation – Gulf Shores, Alabama

The weekend started with a 9.8 mile run with the board town runners Saturday morning. I always have to get up a little bit earlier before running with them so I can do a warm up jog on my trail to loosen my legs up. Not really a morning person! But, that group of runners is so cool, I try to go when we are in town. It was nice to see a couple of the kids (in addition to Joseph) from our cross country team there too, Walker Mattox and Ethan Musser. Those two regularly run with us in the summer and are really into running. More surprising was the fact that Layton Little was there! He is about Joseph’s age and ran on the cross country team at Starkville Academy when I was the coach there. Walker talked him into going. This is the second person that I know of that she has talked into running the last two weeks! Good for her. I think they ran about 6.5 miles. Anyway, the run when fine, nothing crazy.  We did not get to stay long afterward, as we were about to head to Gulf Shores, Alabama for a week long vacation. I did get to talk with Meggan Franks a bit. She will be running a marathon next weekend in Canada!

After arriving at the beach house and unloading everything, we hung out at the beach a while. It is always most pleasant in the evening to me.  We got up early the next morning and ran about 7 miles at 6 AM on a flat stretch of road on the Ft. Morgan peninsula. The first time I ran on this road was 20 years ago during an insect collecting trip for work. During that trip there was  a 10k in the area, which I ran since we were there. I ended up winning it, so that was cool. By the time I got back to where we were staying, people were just waking up. They asked where I had been, and I told them I had won a 10k race. They didn’t believe me until I showed them the trophy! Anyway, that was then. After our morning run, Joseph and I road our bikes a bit, then jumped in the pool! Swam for a while. Julie was just as energetic that morning. She was already done running by the time we started, and was riding her bike around. Then we went to the beach and played. Julie and her brother Lee kayaked for a few miles. They saw sea turtles and lots of fish. Later, Joseph and I played in the kayaks in the surf. The waves were throwing us around like crazy. I got dumped about 5 or 6 times, but it was fun. Of course, everybody partook in the mandatory boogie board wave surfing, and general playing in the water.  Around lunch we road our bikes to a Mexican joint about 3 miles away and had some tasty fish tacos and other stuff.

Took a nap that afternoon, but we were back at the beach afterward. We grilled grouper  and boiled some shrimp for supper. Ahhhhh! The sun really wacks you out, I slept pretty good that night. Got up the next morning and ran again. Not quite as far. About to head to Pensacola now.  

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