Ackerman 5k was a bust, but met some cool people there!

Well, we had a crazy hot run Thursday evening after my art show reception was over. Even though we ran at about 7:20 PM, it was still in the 90’s and humid! We ran through the MSU South Farm with Joseph, Kamau, Steve and I running about 6 miles and Kate, Walker, and Julie doing about 4 miles. Nobody was flying today, too hot. I was drenched.

On Friday, the Joseph joker ran some in the morn, but I did not. Instead, I lifted weights after work, then ran 3.1 miles on the campus at about 5:30 pm. Whew! Hot! Didn’t run fast, just cruised around.

Got up early Saturday morning and headed to Ackerman to let Joseph run in a 5k race associated with a festival called June Fest. There were several 5k races slated for the day in the state, but we decided to do this one because our nephew Daniel Rives and his band were making their debut at the festival, and we wanted to watch them play. They did a pretty good job considering this was their first public performance.  Unfortunately, the 5k race was not great. The folks running it were amazingly nice, and I really enjoyed meeting them. But, this was their first race, and it was quite obvious. The race started 20 minutes late, and the runners were not even quite sure that it had started, then realized it had, so they started running.  The guy driving the police car that lead the way apparently had not been involved with a race either. Joseph quickly took command of the race and was on several occasions hampered by the police car, which was going slower than Joseph at times. He almost ran into the car a few times!  The only time we could view the race was at a point when Joseph was at about 10:25 rounding a corner right behind the car. It was at least 3 minutes before the next few runners came by.  He had long since vanished from view. He looked great and I figured he would run under 17 minutes easily. However, some time after that, the police car stopped. The cop asked Joseph if he knew the way, to which he replied “no”, and he kept running, but not really knowing where he was going.  He later found another police officer whom he asked directions from, and that police officer told him to go the wrong way. He ended up running around town looking for signs or other runners. He eventually saw some other runners, who were also lost. He ran back and joined them. They eventually found their way to the finish, albeit, several minutes slower than when they normally would have been there. A college girl was the first finisher in the race, but she should actually have been about 5th or so overall. I don’t think she even went the right way. I don’t think anybody did. Anyway, Joseph was the overall male finisher with a ridiculously slow time for a 5k, but probably a decent time for whatever he actually ran! First place male and female got $100, but he could not accept it because high school runners are ineligible to receive cash awards for athletic performances. He asked them to donate his money to the Palmer Home. Anyway, like I said, the folks doing the race were very nice. The race did not work out, but they were open to suggestions to make it better next year.

On Sunday morning, we got up early and ran for about an hour in town. Ran at about 6 AM. It was much cooler, but already humid. Julie ran four miles herself. Later in the day at 7 PM, we ran again with Kamau, Ethan, and Steve Shaffer. We ran through the campus, downtown Starkville, down Louisville Street, and then headed back to the campus and to the South Farm where were parked. We were running along fairly easily, but at a pretty good pace. Ran for 45 minutes and felt good the entire time!  The temperature was not quite as bad following an afternoon thunderstorm, so I suspect this had something to do with it. Whatever the case, when it feels good, you have to go with it, especially at this time of year when it is so hot. It could be a month before we have a day where we all feel so good and the temps are bearable.

Will be running at the MSU North Farm tomorrow at 7 PM and will meet at the Rose Garden. Anybody is welcome to come!


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