running – super hot!

Monday morning I got up and thought about running, but didn’t – came to work instead. Joseph woke up late, but jogged 30 minutes or so on our trail. He got in a good core workout later too. I did some weights after work, felt good. Then, at 7 pm, Joseph and I met  Steve Shaffer at the North Farm for a 4 mile run. Ethan and his little sister Shanika showed up too, as did Kase Kingery! Hadn’t seen Kase in a while. He is a great soccer player who will be a senior at SHS this year. He runs with us here and there when he has time between soccer practices. He started out with me and kept up pretty well for about a mile and a half, then he slowed up a bit, so I sped up a bit. I ran the 4 miles in 25:50. Joseph and Ethan jogged a good mile before doing the 4 mile loop, then caught and passed almost everyone who had started earlier except me. So, they were cruising along nicely. I think Joseph was just over 24 minutes. Not terrible considering the heat and gravel road, plus the fact that we were not running all out by any means.

Joseph again ran on our trails at an easy pace on Tuesday morning. He is trying to do this 3 to 4 days a week. It really helps loosen up your legs in between the afternoon runs. Plus, if you go early, it is much cooler. That afternoon, I again went to the gym and did a few shoulder and back exercises. We went back to the North Farm to run. This time, Julie came along and ran the 4 mile loop. Steve Shaffer was there, and a first timer, Russ Paterson. Russ had not run with us before, but we have been in races with him. He is on the MSU triathalon team and is in remarkable shape! Anyway, we did a mile warm up, then did 6 X 600m intervals with 200m jogs on a grassy course. The idea was to do the 600’s at your current 2 mile pace. I think everybody was close. I think most of Joseph’s were around 1:55. Mine were between 1:55 and 2:06. It was pretty warm though! We ran a 1000 m cool down, then stretched and headed out.

On Wednesday, Joseph did a 4 or 5 mile run in the morn, then did his core workout. I went out of town to collect insects at a limestone barrens habitat in Tennessee with some other folks from work. We hiked around collecting here and there during the day, then collected at night at a blacklight/sheet setup. We got back Thursday afternoon. Today, we will go run at the MSU South Farm again, somewhere between 5.5 and 7 miles.

Tomorrow, we will probably just do an easy run in the morning. Joseph will do another core workout. We have a cross country meeting tomorrow evening at the SHS track for people interested in running cross country this fall. Saturday morning, we plan on running with the Boardtown Running Club for a 9.8 mile run. Later that morning, we will be heading to Gulf Shores for a week long vacation. So, obviously, I will not be running with anyone here in Starkville next week. If anybody still wants to go next week, Steve Shaffer will be at the North Farm at 7 pm on Monday and Tuesday, and he will be at the South Farm on Thursday at 7 PM. He will not have a water cooler, so bring your own water!




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  1. Enjoy the vacation!


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