vacation – Gulf Shores, Alabama

The weekend started with a 9.8 mile run with the board town runners Saturday morning. I always have to get up a little bit earlier before running with them so I can do a warm up jog on my trail to loosen my legs up. Not really a morning person! But, that group of runners is so cool, I try to go when we are in town. It was nice to see a couple of the kids (in addition to Joseph) from our cross country team there too, Walker Mattox and Ethan Musser. Those two regularly run with us in the summer and are really into running. More surprising was the fact that Layton Little was there! He is about Joseph’s age and ran on the cross country team at Starkville Academy when I was the coach there. Walker talked him into going. This is the second person that I know of that she has talked into running the last two weeks! Good for her. I think they ran about 6.5 miles. Anyway, the run when fine, nothing crazy.  We did not get to stay long afterward, as we were about to head to Gulf Shores, Alabama for a week long vacation. I did get to talk with Meggan Franks a bit. She will be running a marathon next weekend in Canada!

After arriving at the beach house and unloading everything, we hung out at the beach a while. It is always most pleasant in the evening to me.  We got up early the next morning and ran about 7 miles at 6 AM on a flat stretch of road on the Ft. Morgan peninsula. The first time I ran on this road was 20 years ago during an insect collecting trip for work. During that trip there was  a 10k in the area, which I ran since we were there. I ended up winning it, so that was cool. By the time I got back to where we were staying, people were just waking up. They asked where I had been, and I told them I had won a 10k race. They didn’t believe me until I showed them the trophy! Anyway, that was then. After our morning run, Joseph and I road our bikes a bit, then jumped in the pool! Swam for a while. Julie was just as energetic that morning. She was already done running by the time we started, and was riding her bike around. Then we went to the beach and played. Julie and her brother Lee kayaked for a few miles. They saw sea turtles and lots of fish. Later, Joseph and I played in the kayaks in the surf. The waves were throwing us around like crazy. I got dumped about 5 or 6 times, but it was fun. Of course, everybody partook in the mandatory boogie board wave surfing, and general playing in the water.  Around lunch we road our bikes to a Mexican joint about 3 miles away and had some tasty fish tacos and other stuff.

Took a nap that afternoon, but we were back at the beach afterward. We grilled grouper  and boiled some shrimp for supper. Ahhhhh! The sun really wacks you out, I slept pretty good that night. Got up the next morning and ran again. Not quite as far. About to head to Pensacola now.  


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