need to run earlier, too hot!

Yesterday was a weird day. Went to Pensacola where we ate lunch with some of Julie’s relatives (Uncle and Aunt). Then we went to the Pensacola Light House and climbed to the top.

Last night we went for a nice run about 7 pm down a road paralleling the beach. We had spent the previously hour body surfing on the waves. Caught a few good ones, ingested way too much salt water! The run was only about 20 minutes, but pretty fast. As we started, our legs felt like jelly after being in the water so long. But, we warmed up and on the way back (it was out and back), we were flying. I even kept up with Joseph for about 7 minutes! But, then he left me. Punk. Followed the run with some grillled hamburgers! Joseph went swimming later, but I was done for the day!

Got up the next morn, and Julie ran for a bit. Then Joseph and I ran to the Bon Secour National Wildlife Refuge down the road. Julie’s brother, Lee Reynolds road a bike along with us. It took us 55 minutes to get there, not sure how far, But, it was a long, hot, and humid run that was harder than usual because we did not have a water stop. But, when we got there, Julie was there with the car and plenty of water and gatorade. We checked out the beach there a while, picked up some shells. Then back to the beach house. They all went back out to the beach, which is where I am headed in a minute.

This afternoon we are going on a dolphin cruise, then eating at Stanley Steamers! Part of Joseph’s birthday present, which is today. 15 years old!


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