vacation, running, continued……

The week is going by quickly down here in Gulf Shores, but it has been mostly very nice. Lots of exercise too! Yesterday, we got up a bit late, then hung out at the beach for a while. Joseph and I went for a walk toward Ft. Morgan, but he somehow got ahead of me and I lost him, so I headed back to our tent/gazebo deal. He ended up coming back about 4 and half hours later. Just walking up and down the beach. Julie was getting worried about him getting dehydrated, so we went looking for him at some point. I walked several miles in the direction he had gone, then jogged back. Anyway, somehow I missed him, and he was back at the beach house when I arrived. I guess we both got a good workout, with all the walking, and in my case, a good 5 or 6 mile run in the sand barefoot after walking. Not used to that; got a couple of nasty blisters on the soles of my feet. After a nap, Joseph and I kayaked for a while. First we went up and down the shoreline a while, then we played in the surf for about an hour. About 30 minutes later, we went for a 30 minute run. Julie and Lee paced us on bikes. The first 4 minutes were warm up minutes, then we ran at a tempo pace. The second we hit the curve toward the bike lane down the highway, Joseph took of and lost me right away. Julie and Lee passed me, and I think they were surprised at the effort they had to put forth to keep up with Joseph! We went out and back, then did about a 4 to 5 minute cool down jog to finish. It is nice to have somebody pace Joseph, since I can’t really keep up with him anymore! That is one of the things that I really like about running with the Boardtown runners; even though it is an easy run, Joseph’s pace is faster than most folks’ faster pace. I try to keep up with him as much as possible, but I always am relieved when another good runner or two (or however many) are there for him to run with. Then I can slow down a bit to my normal pace, which is not terribly slow, but varies from day to day.  Last week, he seemed happy to go a little slower than the previous time, probably a good idea with the humidity, and the fact that we were about to head out on our vacation that morn. Regardless, it was at times still a little faster than I wanted to go. And, just at the right times, Micah White and Meggan Franks would be there cruising along, giving him a perfect pace to follow. I think once he gets used to them, he will likely run more with them than me.

Wednesday night we had some amazingly good pizza with spinach, artichoke hearts, tomatoes, etc. Delightful! Later that evening we all sat out on the beach, watched some fireworks and enjoyed the full moon and pleasant breeze.

I did not do much Thursday morn, although Julie ran a couple of miles, swam a few laps in the pool, biked a bit, and played tennis with her brother.  We went to the beach later for a while. Saw some dolphins, Actually, we have seen dolphins everyday at the beach. Yesterday some type of ray came up close to the shore. Cool little bugger. Lots of brown pelicans were out feeding too. Weird looking birds for sure! Julie’s sister, husband, and kids took off today, headed back to Starkville. They are not really into this beach stuff. We will leave on Saturday.

Ate an amazing lunch at the Gulf Island Grill. Still full. Had some shrimp and scallop kabobs with grilled pineapple, Caribbean rice and steamed vegetables. Also, some shrimp with mango buffalo sauce. Tasty. Everybody had something different, and it was all great. A storm is moving in right now, hence my having time to write this blog entry! Hopefully, it will cool down a bit after the rain, and we can go running at about 6 pm or so! Running sure makes me feel nice and refreshed.


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