vacation is over, and so is a week of work

We only ran about 35 miles during our vacation, but that was probably good to have a little break. And, either way, we did a bunch of other crazy stuff that week with all the biking (which was pretty casual), kayaking, swimming, hiking and general playing in the surf.

Our first Sunday back from vacation was pretty relaxed, but we did go for a nice 7 mile or so run that evening. We were happy to have Kamau Bostic and Mary Elizabeth Stringer join Steve, Joseph and me for the run. We took off at an easy pace and headed to the back of campus and then through University Estates. Mary Elizabeth did not need to go as far as us, so she and Kamau turned around when we reached Bardwell Rd. and headed back. Joseph and Steve were already halfway down the road. I finally caught them, and we made our way through University Estates, probably the hilliest neighborhood in town! Then Joseph and I picked it up a bit, and we headed back to the car.

Monday morn, Joseph got up and did an easy run on our trail. Later he did a core workout. I lifted weights that afternoon. Monday evening we ran at the North Farm, did the 4 mile loop. Cruised along pretty good, I was about 26:30; I think Joseph was about a minute faster. Steve did pretty well, as did Walker and Kate. I believe they ran for about 34 minutes.

Joseph got a good run in that morning, 4 or 5 miles. We planned on returning to the North Farm on Tuesday evening for some light 400m intervals, but the weather was not too good. Lots of rain. We caught a break in the weather around 6:30, so Joseph and I decided to do a few intervals out here in Sessums. I measured a 400m and 800m course on the paved road near the Reese Blueberry farm. We did two 800’s and six 400’s. Mine 800’s were 2:34 and 2:41, not terrible, but not hard; Joseph’s were 2:20 and 2:25. We jogged about 500m in between the first two, then rested about 3 minutes and did the 400’s with 400m jogs between. Mine were all between 1:10 and 1:14, which did not feel too hard. Joseph’s were between 1:05 and 1:09, and he did not look stressed. We were mostly working on our form, just trying to go a nice pace with good posture and good arm movement. Maybe they were too fast for this time of year, maybe not. Who knows, its not an exact science. Don’t really care. My mentality is to do what feels good that day. Next week it could be a slower pace for either of us.

Wednesday, Joseph ran 5.5 miles out here in Sessums. I lifted weights that afternoon, then ran a 5k distance in about 19:30 at 5 pm. Pretty hot, but nowhere near as bad as it had been. On Thursday, Joseph again did a morning run on our trails for 30-40 minutes. After work, I again lifted some weights. Trying to get back into it! We met at the South Farm at 7 PM for a run. Of course, Joseph, Steve, and I were there. Kamau also came with us. Russ and his girlfriend, Katelyn (spelling?) joined us, as did Kate Mattox. Those 3 ran together for about 4 miles, with Steve circling back and forth running ahead, then rejoining the group.  Kamau and Joseph took off pretty fast, considering it was an easy/moderate day. They were at the halfway mark at 3.5 mile mark at about 21:30. I couldn’t keep up with them, especially after the decent 5k the day before, which followed intervals on Tuesday. Anyway, they stopped to stretch for a minute or so, and I caught up with them and off an on ran with them the rest of the way. At some point Joseph got way ahead of us, but finished the last 3/4 mile at an easy cool down pace. Kamau and I picked it up pretty good for some reason, and ran a pretty fast mile, before cooling down for the last 1/2 mile. We three did the 7 miles loop, which is not easy at the South Farm with the gravel roads and hills.  I think we ended up running at about a 6:30 to 6:40 minute per mile pace. When we got done, I was so sweaty, I looked like I had been swimming.

Friday morn, the kid again did an easy run on the trails, 30-40 minutes. I did not run. Tomorrow morn, we are planning on going running with the Boardtown Runners. They are doing a 10.9 mile run I believe. Plan on going a little bit earlier since its so hot. Hopefully, we can start running at 6:15 AM. There is also a biking event planned for the morning slated to start around 7 AM at the Boardtown Bike Shop. The co-owner, Jan Morgan, was severely injured in a car/bike accident a few weeks ago, and this ride, which will go through part of town and down Hwy 12 (probably a bad idea to go down the busiest stretch of road in Starkville, but at least it will be relatively early on a Saturday) and back to the bike shop.  The ride is supposed to create awareness in the community for bikers, automobile drivers, pedestrians, etc., so hopefully, drivers can be more careful when driving near bikers, runners, or walkers, and bikers (especially) can be aware of rules and safety practices that will help them. Anyway, I believe some of the boardtown running group will be joining the riding group at some point.


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