13 mile run this morn…..

I got up early this morning and jogged on my trail and did a few sets of pushups, all before 5 AM. Woke Joseph up a bit later, and we headed to the White’s house to run with the boardtown running club. The route today was scheduled to be 10.9 miles, but some of us ran to the Boardtown Bike Shop to lend support to the “Ban for Jan” cycling event. We hung around a few minutes then ran though the campus, before heading toward the South Farm and back down South Montgomery to the Whites. That route was about 13 miles. Some of the runners in our group did more than that. Houston Franks (MSU XC/track coach) ran 4 miles before the run and an extra mile at the end. Kelly White and David (last name?) added 3 miles at the end. Joseph and I just did the 13, which was plenty! Actually, he had no problem, but I slowed down the last couple of miles. I started getting some leg cramps in my thighs and hamstrings, and had to slow down quite a bit. That was the first time in about 20 years that I had that happen. Better eat some more bananas or something! Even so, I ran the 13 miles in 1:32, not terrible for an easy long run. Joseph was probably 4 minutes ahead of me. The first 11 were pretty easy though. Not surprising, since I have not run more than 11 miles in a while!

Anyway, nice way to start the day!


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