insanely hot running weather!

Last week we took a bit a of a break from our typical running because Joseph and Julie were at a church retreat at Orange Beach. I also was out of town some. But, we got back to it this past Sunday with a nice run through campus and University Estates. For this run we had Ethan Musser, Steve Shaffer, Russ Patterson, Joseph, and myself, plus Christian Kingery, a SHS runner, joined us for a while. Julie ran on the South Farm. We ran at 7 pm and it was still very hot and humid! We consider these Sunday evening runs easy, but the heat takes some of the easy out of it. Also, I think taking the last few days off made today a bit harder.

Monday morning, Joseph got up and ran for about 35 minutes, then later did his core workout. I got a good weight workout from 4 to 5pm.  At 7 pm that evening we met at the North Farm for our weekly 4 mile tempo run on the gravel road. Temperature when we started was a cool 100° plus humidity. Ethan, Steve, and Russ again joined us. Also, Michael Lee and Ethan’s little sister Shanika ran with us. Both Michael and Russ are on the MSU triathlon team. In fact, they are the two fastest guys on the team. Shanika is going into 7th grade and planning on running for our cross country team this fall. She is already in great shape. Not only can she run 4 miles at a pretty good pace, but she can do at least 50 pushups in a row! However, with the heat today I asked her to only do a bit over 3 miles instead of the 4 we did, and to not push it.

Tuesday again started with Joseph running about 20 easy minutes on our trail. That evening at 7 pm we again met at the North Farm. Today we did some light 400m intervals  with 400m jogs between each one. We did them on a grass road area. Nothing seriously fast, it was pretty warm again, although there was some cloud cover that gave us a bit of relief. Ethan, Russ, Steve, Shanika, Christian, and Daniel Ruff joined Joseph and I today. Julie also ran, but did her own thing.  Shanika did only 5 X 400s, since she is so young; Christian and Daniel did 6 of them, as they had not been running nearly as much as we have; Steve also did 6;  Ethan, Russ, and I did 10; and Joseph managed 11. He was going to do 10, but was enough ahead that he ran another one to push Ethan and Russ a bit, which he did a good of. I was not pushing mine super hard, but was able to maintain a pretty nice pace between each one with about a 1:50 recovery pace. Got done and stretched as a nice lightning storm was moving in. Don’t know if it ever rained though. I thought Ethan and Russ both looked good today. They are both pushing each other! Shanika was a beast as usual. I have to restrain her a little as she would run harder than she needs to in this weather.


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