First week of SHS XC going well

Joseph and I started out Sunday morning with a 7 mile run. We started around 6:45 at the South Farm and ran through the campus, downtown Starkville area, and through some neighborhoods. Not super easy today, I could tell I had not run in a week! I think we ran about a 7:30 per mile pace or so. That evening at 7 pm we met Steve, Ethan and Kamau for a run. Shanika also came and ran 4 miles with Steve on the South Farm. Julie ran a 5k distance on the farm. The rest of us cruised along for 5.5 miles through the university, University Estates, and down Bardwell Road hitting the nice hills along the way. We again maintained about a 7:40ish pace, except for Joseph, who got ahead of us after a couple of miles and was running a good bit faster.

Monday started with Joseph doing about 25 minutes on the trail at about 5:40 AM. I did not get up in time for that! I did lift some weights after work. Followed that with a decent run with the SHS XC team for about an hour. On Tuesday, we had “meet the Jackets” at the SHS football field, which entailed having all of the fall sports teams standing around on the track while they had their names announced. This, unfortunately, cut our practice short. We did get a brisk (sort of) 4 mile run in. The guys that went with me were running about 6:40 per mile.  A newcomer to the team, Austin Wileman (a senior), did a pretty good job considering he had not been running with us. He kept up until about the 5k mark, then slowed up, but I thought he did a remarkable job considering. Could have some impact for sure. On Wednesday, we did an hour long run, with several groups going different paces. I felt good today, was hitting 6:30 to 6:45 per mile pretty easy. Several runners are starting to stand out right now in addition to Kamau and Joseph. Ethan Musser has been running all summer and it shows! He is in great shape right. Damian Grady also looks much better than last year. Several of the others are showing some potential as well including Stuart Woomer, Nathan Gaudin, Aaron Remotigue, and Alex Ross. In order for our boys team to be any good, these four and others will have to step up for sure!  The girls team should be good this year too, with the Mattox sisters (Walker and Kate), Shanika Musser, Abigail Arinder, and Mary Elizabeth Stringer making a strong 5, along with several other girls that could contribute.

Tomorrow, 800’s! Friday will be easy, but on Saturday morning we will do a long run with the Boardtown Running Club. We will either do 12 miles or 15.6 depending on how we feel.

Happy running…..


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