First meet of the year a good one for SHS

The Starkville High XC team did well in the first meet of the season at Choctaw Trails in Clinton, MS. The meet was atypical in that it was a 10k relay race with 4 person teams. We had 6 boys teams and two girls teams in the race (and one team of 3 girls who ran just to run). Our top girls team, which consisted of Walker Mattox, Abigail Arinder, Mary Elizabeth Stringer, and Kate Mattox, won first place against some very good teams such as Madison Central, Clinton, Oak Grove, Pearl, and others. Our top boys team came in second and consisted of Damian Grady, Stuart Woomer, Ethan Musser, and Joseph MacGown.  Clinton won the race, although we felt like we would easily have won if we had had our top returning runner from last, Kamau Bostic, at the meet. However, the boys did a great job and the season is looking promising. Despite a significant lead at the last handoff by Clinton and another team, Joseph erased much of the difference easily passing the 2nd place runner and  almost closing the distance between him and 1st. We managed to be quite a head of the Pearl squad, which was nice, as they are perennial powerhouses in track and XC and are in the same classification as us – 5A (Clinton is 6A). It was also nice to beat Madison Central and Oak Grove, because they both pounded us at the state meet last year!

Mary Elizebeth, Kate, Walker and Abigail - 1st place team

Joseph, Ethan, Damian, and Stewart - 2nd place team

The meet was somewhat interesting with the high temperatures (around 100°) and the fact that the headlights on the bus quit working on the return trip! We ended up staying in the Jackson area much longer than anticipated until a bus could be driven from Starkville to replace the one we were on. We did not get back to the school until after 2:00 AM!  Because of the late arrival, I imagine many of the runners went to school late; I know Joseph did.  We also decided to cancel Friday’s afternoon practice as a result.

We plan on running 10 miles tomorrow with the Boardtown runners, although some of those folks will be doing a 20 mile run as they prepare for an upcoming marathon.  Sunday afternoon we will again meet at the South Farm for a run through town. However, we will meet at 6:30 PM this week now that it is getting dark earlier.

A picture of me (Joe MacGown), Joseph MacGown, Steve Shaffer, and
Michael Lee after a typical August  Sunday evening run in MS



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