Final run with the Boardtown Running Club until mid November

Because we canceled yesterday’s afternoon practice, I had a chance to lift some weights at the Sanderson Center! I was having withdrawal symptoms from not being able to workout the last week or two since XC practices started at Starkville High. Followed that up with a 6+ mile run through campus and town. Pretty hot, but not too bad.

Joseph actually took a day off from running yesterday! Its been a while. He ended up going to the high school football game last night. Even so, we got up early to run with the Boardtown Running Club. This was one of the nicer mornings we have had in quite some time as it was no where near as hot as usual. That certainly made the running easier! Some of the hardcore marathoners were running a 20 mile loop, but we only did 10. Until the XC is over, I don’t plan on doing more than 10 miles, because the kids only run 5k races. Ethan Musser also joined us and pretty much kept up the entire way. This was by far his best run of any distance ever (in my opinion)! If he runs with the effort he did today, he is going to have a great season.  I wanted to do the first 5 miles at a decent pace, then the next at a slightly slower pace. And, we were able to do just that running the first 5 miles at about 6:25 per mile and the remaining 5 at about 6:55. It has been a long time since I have run 10 miles as easy as today. I guess after doing 13-15 mile long runs, 10 miles just seems easier mentally. Plus, the cooler temps helped a bunch!

beginning of run with the Boardtown Running Club - 20 August 2011

Tomorrow, we will meet back at the South Farm parking lot for a run through town, campus, or where ever. We plan on meeting at 6:30 pm, which is a bit earlier than usual.


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