Memphis Twilight Cross Country Classic 2011

We took the Starkville junior high and high school runners to the Memphis Twilight Cross Country Classic yesterday evening where they competed against some of the best runners in the region. This year’s race was about a month earlier than last year, which meant the temperature was much higher, as was the humidity level. In general, this resulted in significantly slower times across the board, with the winning varsity male time only being 15:45 compared to 15:17 last year, and that was with comparable runners. Even so, 15:45 is pretty good! Our varsity boys and girls did quite well. 

The girls team placed 15th out of 36 teams, and this was without two of our top varsity girls who were out (Abigail Arinder was sick and Mary Elizabeth Stringer has been having some shin splint issues). Leading the way for us was Kate Mattox, who was 7th overall with a 19:21 5k time! She received a tshirt for her effort, as did all of the top 15. Not bad for a 7th grader. Her older sister Walker, a 9th grader, was 25th at 20:41. Shanika Musser, an 11 year old 7th grader, was 74th with a time of a 21:57, and she did that with only one shoe – the other fell off after only a few steps!  Several of the other varsity girls also did well with Ashley Albritton running a 25:01, Anna Jackson – 25:06, and Meggan Wolf – 25:16. In the junior varsity race, Carys Snyder – 25:46, Sabrina Moore – 25:55, and Haley Jenkins – 26:23 performed well.

Our varsity boys placed 10th out of 45 teams, just behind Tupelo who was 8th, but ahead of all other Mississippi teams! Leading the way for our team was Joseph who was 12th with a time of 16:54 (PR), which got him a tshirt! He was the 2nd MS finisher behind Tupelo’s Andrew White. Our second finisher was Damian Grady who was 49th with a time of 17:43, which was a huge PR for him. Kamau Bostic, who was often our top finisher last year, was next for us with a time of 18:08 and a 78th place finish. Not at all what we or he was hoping for, but perhaps the next race will be better for him. He came into this meet in not as good shape as he should have, and it showed. Maybe this will motivate him.  Ethan Musser PR’ed with an 18:41 coming in 111th, and Stuart Woomer PR’ed with his 18:55 127th finish. They were followed by Aaron Remotigue who was 140th with a time of 19:04, Jack Bryan – 193rd (19:37 PR), and Alex Ross – 198th (19:39 PR).  Overall, the top five were who we expected, but not necessarily in the order they were in. If those 5 continue to perform well, they have a very good chance at winning the 5A state championship this year.

We had 13 boys in the JV race. They were lead by Duncan Watson, who was 90th with a 21:28, which is certainly not fast, and almost 2 minutes behind our last varsity runner. All 13 of them have some serious work to do if they are hoping to make the varsity squad.

Our only girl in the middle school race was Kennis Case, a 7th grader, who placed 109th with a 10:21 in the 2k race. I thought she did a pretty good job in her first race. All four of our middle school boys also did well with Isaac Jackson placing 45th (7:51), Marshall Adair 58th (8:01), Patrick Bell – 60th (8:08) , and Jacob Wood – 77th (8:20).

Complete results for the meet can be seen at []

We will be running today, weather permitting, at 6 PM meeting at the South Farm.


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