Another great week of running with SHS and a nice team victory at the Bulldog Invitational on Sept. 17

What a great week of practice! Everybody is looking good, working hard and getting better daily. Started Monday, with morning and afternoon practices for most folks. That afternoon we did between 6 and 9 miles, depending on who it was. As usual, Joseph got in about 9, with about 25 minutes of that being at tempo pace.  The girls did a little better today I thought, we our second group of girls getting some mileage in with the first. Tuesday, we had a great workout at the MSU XC course with 5 X 1000 m interval with 1:30 breaks. We followed that with 5 hill repeats on the big nasty hill. If you have been there, you know what I am talking about! Boys varsity runners looked great on the 1000’s, with Kamau and Joseph leading the pack averaging about 3:05 per 1000. In fact, everyone did very well today!

Wednesday was basically a repeat of Monday, easy morning run (not me) and 6 to 9 in the afternoon. This was a great bonding day for the Varsity boys I thought, and they all ran together nicely. Most of them did 6 miles, Joseph added about three more. His were at about 6:30 per mile and the rest of us were 6:50ish. Stuart really did well today!

Thursday was a weird day with MSU having a home football game, so the high school released their students at 1 pm. Practice was also early, and consisted of 12 X 400’s. Joseph and I did not get to go to practice, but we did some 400’s at home later. We did them between 1:12 and 1:15 with 1:30 rests. Hard for me, but seemingly effortless for the kid. PUNK.

Friday was a super easy 35 minute run, followed by stretching and hanging out. Ran at the North Farm. Beautiful day.

On Saturday morn, we headed to the MSU XC course for the Bulldog Invitational, which had college, high school, and junior high races. The college runners went first with MSU men and women both dominating their respective races! Our buddies Jorge Villareal, Andrew Harwell, Haley Greenwell, and Renee Masterson did great. Haley and Renee were first and second overall in the girls race!

Our high school boys dominated a great field, which included teams such as Clinton, Madison Central, and others and easily won first place! This was significant as Clinton won the 6A state championship last year and Madison Central also beat us soundly! This year, however, our school is now a 5A school and we will no longer face them at the state championship. Even so, it was good to run against them and actually win! We were again lead by Joseph [MacGown] who came in 2nd overall PR’ing at 16:42 on a ridiculously difficult course. He was followed by Kamau Bostic (5th, 17:26), Damian Grady (7th, 17:32-PR), Ethan Musser (11th, 18:18-PR), and Stuart Woomer (13th, 18:33-PR). Its no surprise that these top 5 boys on our team are most likely to be the 5 boys that run 10 plus miles with me tomorrow morning at 7 AM, and that they are the ones consistently getting their runs in (including this past summer).  Two other boys also ran under 20 minutes for us: Aaron Remotigue (24th, 19:12) and Tyler Hutchinson (32nd, 19:53). Good run for Tyler, not so much for Aaron, who I would like to see under 18 minutes right now. The rest of our high school boys mostly did very well and many of them had PR’s despite the difficult course. A good example would be Peyton Wolf, who ran around 25 minutes, but 3 minutes faster than his first race! Brandon Le also made a huge jump, as did some of the others.

On the girls side, we came in 2nd place behind a stacked Madison Central team. Kate Mattox, our 7th grade phenom, won the 4k race overall with a 15:34 time! Her sister Walker was 4th (16:17), Abigail Arinder was 11th (17:03), Shanika Musser was 14th (17:19), and Mary Elizabeth Stringer was 26th (18:17). Our next closest finishers were Anna Jackson, Ashley Albritton, and Meghan Wolf.

Of note, Starkville Academy senior Austin White ran a good race and came in at 18:48. I believe this was only his second cross country race ever! Starkville Academy runner Pierce Fondren also did very well in the junior high race, placing 4th (I believe), and coming in before any of our junior high boys!

Well, this one is done, so back to running. We have to keep improving to have a chance at the state meet titles this year. Looking very good right now though!

Tomorrow morning we will again be doing a 10 mile run, meeting at 6:50-7 AM at the South Farm parking area.



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