Beautiful 10 mile run this morning!

I started the day with a 10.7 mile run this morning at 7 AM. Joining me were Steve Shaffer and our top five SHS varsity boys runners: Joseph MacGown, Kamau Bostic, Damian Grady, Ethan Musser, and Stuart Woomer. I guess its pretty obvious why they are our top five runners. They are the ones who put in the work day in and day out, including these early morning Sunday runs, as well as running in the off season. I wish I could convince the next group of guys on our team to join us so they could bridge the gap between them and the top five. Unfortunately, that gap is instead getting wider and wider.  Julie and Coach Woomer also ran today, running along the gravel roads of the South Farm!  Lots of other runners were also out and about. As we were about to start, the MSU girls XC team was exiting the South Farm, just finishing up their long run. Of course, Haley Greenwell and Renee Masterson were leading them! BEASTS! My group meandered through campus, downtown, Industrial Park Rd., Airport Rd. and back to the South Farm area. But, our run first started by dropping by Kamau’s house, which is only .75 of a mile away. He did not show up on time, so we decided to go make sure he was awake! He was out on the porch, so we grabbed him. While we were waiting for him to get his shoes, Suli Alli jogged by and stopped to say hello. Suli is a bit older than me and still running great. Back in the day he was an all American 800m runner at MSU! We used to have great battles in local 5k races. Anyway, we headed out and ran 10 miles from that point. On our way back, we ran by Jim Harden, who runs the Boardtown Runners web site. Talked to him a minute about the Boardtown group and the ice maker that we all bought for them. They gave it to them yesterday at a ceremony at the house! This was to thank them for the 20 years they have hosted long runs at their house every Saturday. Our run went pretty well today. I again wanted the first 5 miles to be slower than the second five, which they were. Our first five averaged around 7:20,  the next four were  all between 6:35 and 6:45, and the last one was faster than that.  My last mile was around 6 minutes. Of course, Joseph pretty much ran the whole ten miles at a faster pace than everyone, but I don’t know his exact pace.

There was a nice article about our team winning the meet yesterday in today’s Starkville Daily News! Check it out if you can. Its also online at:

We will be back at SHS running tomorrow afternoon (if the weather is good).


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